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  Does Parliament matter?
Updated 12 July 2002, 09.05

Kate's attitude to Parliament changed after citizenship lessons. Now she wants politicians to change their ways.

"Does Parliament matter? Of course not.

All politicians do is sit around all day talking about things that are totally irrelevant and very boring. It is not like they do anything useful.

A bit too young for politics?!
A bit too young for politics?!
A new view

That was the view shared by my friends and I until recently.

We all thought politics was boring and nothing to do with us.

Now we have done some citizenship at school we know a lot more. There are many aspects to the job and many decisions to be made.

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Insulting behaviour

I have watched Prime Minister's Question Time many times on TV.

Now that I know how important the decisions are it seems strange that Question Time is a petty insult match between the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition.

My view is that it should be an opportunity for MPs to find out what the government is doing on our behalf.

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I'm going to visit the Houses of Parliament and am really looking forward to seeing where everything goes on.

I am going in the hope that when I get there I will be more impressed by what I see in reality than by what I have seen on TV."

Kate, 14, Durham

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