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  'Popular' kids treat others like dirt
Updated 08 July 2002, 09.15

Kirsty was bullied at school because she wasn't in the popular crowd.

"It's true that no matter which school you go to, there's bound to be bullying.

Though I don't think that you'd find bullying quite as bad as it is in my school anywhere else in the country.

Three types

Like all schools there's three 'types' of people:

1. the people who are classed as freaks because they try hard at their work and do well in class.

Map showing Bath
2. the people who aren't 'freaks' but aren't popular either.

3. then the 'popular' people who are only popular because they're bullies. It's not fair.

Down hill

When I started my secondary school I was really looking forward to it.

But then I started to get picked on and it all went down hill from there.

Year 7 was the worst year of my life and I hated school, Year 8 got better and now I'm in Year 9.

I don't hate school anymore but I don't like it either.

Like dirt

I feel really sorry for every single person that isn't classed as 'popular', because they are treated like dirt.

The fights bullies start are pointless and only cause the victims pain.

The 'popular' people have ruined so many people's lives, it's horrible, no-one feels safe anymore.

Don't listen

Our teachers have done everything in their power to stop it, but the kids in our school don't listen.

It's gotten so bad that the police are now involved.

I really hope that something gets done soon, because if it doesn't the only other option is to move schools and I don't want to leave all my friends."

Kirsty, 14, Bath

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