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  I've been to Glastonbury eight times!
Updated 01 July 2002, 17.36
Zach, 10, at Glastonbury
Zach and Manu report on what it was like to be at the biggest music festival this year - Glastonbury.

"I've been to eight Glastonbury festivals so far, the first being when I was not even one year old!

This year there were a lot less people because they put up a really big fence which I think only a few people managed to climb over.

This meant it was better for people going to the festival, but the people selling things like clothes and food on the stalls didn't do so well.

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This year the weather was really nice and the sun shone, it wasn't muddy at all. But the year before last the whole festival was like a swamp!

I enjoyed seeing Cold Play and the Stereophonics and I even managed to get backstage to get the Stereophonics' autographs!

There were loads of things to do. In the Greenpeace field you could have a go at being a DJ in a DJ workshop. They taught you how to scratch records and change them over. I loved it. But my favourite thing was the roller disco.

The worst thing was the toilets - they were disgusting and you could smell them a mile off!"

"It was my first time at the Glastonbury festival and it was really good fun!

Manu, 10, at Glastonbury
Manu, 10, at Glastonbury
It was different to what I thought it would be - I didn't expect it to have as many stalls and I thought there would be shops instead.

I was also surprised that on the last day it got so dirty. There was lots of rubbish and the toilets didn't smell that nice. I expected them to be cleaner!

The climbing wall was one of the highlights for me. I watched them build it and then I had a go. It was really high.

I felt really safe aswell because there was a lot of security. If you had a question or wanted to find somewhere, you could go up to one of the security guards and they'd help you.

I definitely want to go to the festival again!"

Zach and Manu, 10, both from London

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