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  Bullies make my school bus hell
Updated 21 June 2002, 09.15
A school bus
Sarah explains how bullies make her journey to school horrible for the rest of the pupils travelling on the school bus.

"My school is two miles from my house so it's a long walk. Lots of parents can't pick kids up from school so the answer is to catch the bus.

School finishes at 3.30 and the bus doesn't arrive until around 4.00!


But what I really hate is the bullies. They've scared people off taking the bus.

They sit and throw sandwiches and chewing gum around or tie people up with seatbelts or undo bags, steal books and throw them around the bus.

It's not funny or clever but nobody dares to do anything about it in such a small place, on the bus there is no way to escape them.

Other kids sit around at the back smoking but the bus drivers ignore them, even though they make the journey difficult or impossible for people allergic to the smoke.

I'd rather walk

School buses should be able to protect the people who catch them, not upset or anger them!

Often it's cold and rainy, but if I walk really fast I can usually beat the bus home.

So until something is done about it I definitely prefer to walk with a few friends, even if it does mean getting wet! "

Sarah, 14, Lancashire

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