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  The Queen does a lot of good things
Updated 12 June 2002, 09.26
The Queen
Sarah didn't like Ash's Press Pack report last week, when he criticised the Queen.

She's written a response, saying it would be wrong to lose the monarchy.

  Click here to read Ash's original attack on the Royals

"Earlier this year, the Queen lost her sister, Margaret.

Later, at Easter, she lost her mother. Many people were upset by this news, or at least felt for the Royal Family.

Others took it as a wonderful opportunity to tell others why exactly Britain should lose its Royal Family, and become a republic.

They say that the Royal Family is a waste of taxpayers' money but the Queen pays income tax too!

Charity work

Prince William, Prince Charles and the Queen
And what about the charity work that the Queen does, as did her Mother, and her predecessors, and the whole of the Royal Family?

The charity work which encourages publicity and people to donate to these charities? And The Prince's Trust Fund, which benefits many young people as well as old?

We may not be able to vote for our monarch, but would voting really get everyone what they wanted? There is a simple answer: No.

In the past

They say that to be ruled by a monarch is living in the past. But is it?

True, we have had a monarchy through history, but we are living now, as is the Queen.

A monarchy isn't in the past; it is the past, and the present.

I for one hope it will also be the future."

Sarah, 14, Powys

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