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  I met S Club at the Jubilee Pop Concert!
Updated 04 June 2002, 09.01
Press Packer Jenny with S Club
13-year-old Press Packer Jenny Flack won our exclusive competition to go backstage at the Party at the Palace and meet the stars.

Here's what her day was like.

"It was fantastic - the best show I've ever been to in my life. But I'm now absolutely exhausted!

  Click here to see pix of Jenny's day

My day started at 10.30, when me and my mum met the camera crew outside Buckingham Palace.

We had to meet early because we had an interview with S Club 7 booked for 11.30.

'Day no one will forget'

Press Packer Jenny on her mobile
But then things got changed around and I didn't meet them till 6.30pm. In between, we walked around backstage looking at everything going on and interviewing people going to the concert.

This is the first time anything like this has happened at Buckingham Palace, letting people in for a pop concert in the Queen's garden.

And you can see why - it's a huge garden and I'm sure she doesn't want to let people in normally.

But I'm glad she decided to do it for the Jubilee. It made it a day no one will forget.

Will Young

It was great meeting S Club 7, and they were very excited about performing in front of the Queen.

They were also saying goodbye to Paul, who was doing his last performance with them. It was a sad moment - but they are all very positive about what he's going on to do.

They performed well in the concert, but they weren't my favourite.

Overall, I think Queen were best. They got everyone standing up and clapping their hands - and they had Will Young singing with them.

It made it a night to remember."

Jenny, 13

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