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  Children struggle to survive
Updated 21 May 2002, 19.34
Karen lives in Nicaragua
Karen speaks out about the difficulties for kids growing up in Nicaragua.

"The situation in my country is really difficult - children have many problems.

We don't have free education, we have to pay for it.

So if your family has no money, you can't study, you have to work.

Selling to survive

Children sell things on the street, I've seen children as young as eight years old.

It's very sad to see children so young having to do this just to survive, it makes you want to do something about it.

In some cases the parents aren't good and make their children sell things on the street.

There's lots of pressure put on the child, they are told they have to bring home a certain amount of money or they get punished.

Map showing Nicaragua
Some children don't even have homes, they sleep on the streets as well.

No clean water

I live in the capital, Managua. A village near to me has no clean water and the people who live there have to walk a long way to get water.

Some homes don't have electricity either.

It's a very bad society for children to grow up in - lack of food, education and healthcare.

In debt

We need help from other countries to make our situation better. But it's difficult because we owe countries a lot of money and it doesn't give us the chance to grow - we are one of the poorest countries in Latin America.

I take it very personally, I want to make a difference. I've been lucky, my mother has paid for me to learn English and now I want to do something for my country by speaking out about it."

Karen, 17, Nicaragua

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