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  Peace talks are the only way forward
Updated 20 May 2002, 19.52
Soldiers on their way to Jerusalem
Elad is a student living in Jerusalem. He believes that talking about peace is the only way the violence will end.

"It's frustrating living in Israel, people have really had enough of what's going on, they're tired of all the violence.

We've experienced it for many years but right now it's much harder and terrorism is a daily factor in our lives.

On my doorstep

I personally knew a guy a year older than myself, killed right near my house on a road that I cross every day.

Map showing Jerusalem
It's hard to deal with, walking on that road knowing that a guy was killed, it's awful.

I do go out because I don't want to give in to terrorism but I do go out less.

Even my home is not safe and every public place is considered to be very unsafe, people are bombing everywhere.

Peace talks

I can truly say that I'm aware of what's going happening on the Palestinian side.

I understand what they're going through, it saddens me and I want to believe we can end it and I believe we can.

Elad, a student from Israel
I do not see any other way for ending this conflict other than peace talks.

I do see an end - it's either co-existence or no existence. I don't know when, I cannot say I see a bright light at the end of the tunnel right now, but I know that this is the only way.

Better life

I personally speak a lot about tolerance and understanding.

I do school presentations at Arab and Jewish schools, going and talking about peace trying to change things.

The Palestinians are my friends and I care for them and I want them and myself to have a better life.

I believe it's possible but not when terrorism is still around."

Elad, 17, Israel

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