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  My Sats experience
Updated 19 May 2002, 10.09
Students taking exams
Laura from Weymouth has just taken her Sats and said that they were hard.

"From the beginning of this term of year nine I always knew that the moment would come - the first Sat Exam.

And yes it was the most boring one, English.

It was a early Tuesday morning, and the hall was freezing cold.


I tried not to think that I was nervous but there was always that feeling at the back of my mind.

When it was over I was relieved and tired.

Students sitting an exam
The next day it was maths - I knew that the paper would be hard.

I tried my best and it was easier than my mocks.

Very difficult

The next day it was the day I was dreading - THE MATHS EXTENSION PAPER!

It was the most difficult thing I have ever attempted to do in my entire life.

On Friday it was the final exam, the one I knew I had to do well in - Science.

Hope for good marks

I tried my hardest and hope for good marks.

I think that Sats do matter, even though they don't count for anything when you are older.

They are preparing you in a way for your GCSEs so whatever you do, work hard."

Laura, 14, Weymouth

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