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  How our play stopped our racism
Updated 23 May 2002, 18.30
Chapel Street kids
Kane called Aleema racist names. So their class - a Year 5 in Manchester - put on a play to stop it.

It includes break dancing and African dancing, and has been shown to their school and local police.

  Click here for pix of the dance moves!

Aleema, 9

Kane started calling me racist names.

I didn't like it. In the morning I didn't want to come to school because I was scared - what are they going to call me and what if something happens? I felt so upset.

I went to tell the teacher and the teacher talked to him about it. Then somehow it started happening in Year 3 and the teacher said we need to sort this out.

So we did a little play about it with some other people. Maybe the play will be a way to stop racism in our school.

There shouldn't be racism around. This should be a nice country - people should get on together well. In our school there's all different kinds of cultures and people are getting used to it.

I think the play helped a few of the people in Year 3. It helped me and some of the people in our class too. That was the last bit of racism in our school.

Kane, 10
I don't why I started being racist really.

Sometimes people get on my nerves and I get a lot of anger in me and it's hard to keep it in. But it wasn't really about racism - it could have been anybody.

In the play there are two boys walking across the playground. They get tripped up by two girls so they start calling the girls racist names.

The teacher hears about it and they go to the headteacher and they get their mums and dads in.

But it happens in the playground again. The boys say they are going to kill the girls if they tell teacher again. So they don't.

We've learned that you pay the consequences for being racist, and you shouldn't be racist because it hurts peoples' feelings inside and outside. It's only skin colour - that's all.

If I saw people being racist I would say stop it because I know what it's like now.

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