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  I was at the Harry Potter DVD launch
Updated 09 May 2002, 15.38

Zuleyha from Sri Lanka squeezed into the launch party for the year's most talked about DVD.

"I am a great lover of Harry Potter. I've read all four books and watched the movie, but I was completely thrilled when I found out I could go to the DVD launch.

  Click here to see Potter stars at the DVD launch

My sister, Zainab, and I got to stand by the red carpet and see the Hogwarts Express pull up and see the cast as they got off the train.

Zainab was speechless when she saw Rupert Grint. He cast a spell so potent it left her mesmerized, fortunately Hermione (Emma Watson) broke the spell.

Ron mad sister

I live in Sri Lanka where the Potter phenomenon is slowly catching on. I'm still overwhelmed by the experience and can't wait to tell my friends.

Many Sri Lankans, or even muggles, haven't had the experience I've had.

My sister later told me her life is complete now that she's met Ron Weasley."

Zuleyha, Sri Lanka

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