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  Chitty show went with a Bang!
Updated 17 April 2002, 12.07
Victor outside the London Palladium
Victor mixed with the stars at the opening night of the show Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the London Palladium.

"This was my first West End show - and I thought it was truly scrumptious!

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I read the book, so I knew there was a flying car in it. But on stage it was really impressive.

I think they might have used invisible strings, but I'd like to think it was magic!

I liked the music, especially the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang song.

The stage sets were great - I liked the sweet factory and the windmill.

I saw lots of famous people - Emma Watson from Harry Potter, and the best film actress from the Oscars, Halle Berry, and the actor from James Bond.

I sat one seat away from Emma Watson!

Scariest bit

The Child Catcher
The Child Catcher
It was fantastic when car started to fly with helicopter propellers and it hovered right over the audience.

The scariest bit was when we saw the Child Catcher for the first time, he just appeared for a few seconds and then vanished.

He had a big crooked nose, and a bit of hair on his head, and he had long black clothes with scary gloves.

It was better than seeing a film in the cinema because it seemed more real - there were no computer effects.

Candy floss

Even though it was quite long, it was still exciting all the way through.

My favourite character was Caractacus Potts, the inventor.

I think it's the best show you could ever see.

At the party after the show, I had my photo taken with the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car. And then I had some candy floss!"

Victor, 11, Walthamstow

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