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  What it's like to be bullied by phone
Updated 15 April 2002, 17.37

Bullies are now getting at their victims by texting or e-mailing. Here's one girl's story.

"I've had a few experiences and so have my friends.

Bullies are now using e-mail to hurt people
Bullies are now using e-mail to hurt people
One time I kept getting calls, I was getting really scared I phoned my friend and she wasn't home so I couldn't talk to her.

Then I started getting e-mails and texts at school and they were still saying horrible stuff.

Couldn't walk home alone

It made me feel so scared that I couldn't go home alone, I'd be too scared to walk because they kept saying they knew where I lived and that they were watching me all the time.

Fact File
NCH say
Always tell someone you trust what's happening
Be careful who you give you mobile number or e-mail address out to
If you're being e-bullied your mobile or internet service provider can help you by changing your number or address
If you get frightening messages, make a note of the times and dates and report them to the police

Every time I went near someone I didn't know I'd be scared and I would have to stand near someone else.

Gradually they started to leave me alone, the calls started to die down and so did the texts but I was still scared for a few weeks after.

Some people have nasty minds and they don't care about anyone but themselves, even if they're really badly hurting someone, they just want to feel really big and tough."

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