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  Children living in fear in the Middle East
Updated 08 April 2002, 10.47
A Palestinian girl peeks out the window of her home in the West Bank
Mirna is Palestinian but lives in Britain because of the dangers in the Middle East. She describes what it's like for her family still there.

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"I am a Palestinian girl living in Scotland. I moved to Scotland four years ago, and before that I was living in the Arabian Gulf.

I have never lived in Palestinian areas for fear of war but my family is living there and they are suffering badly.

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Map showing Israel and the West Bank
My cousin was in her house when an F-16 plane flew near her house and bombed a nearby police station.

She was alone at the time. The police station was about 6 miles away from the house so when they did bomb the police station, all the windows in her house got shattered.

Children suffering

People don't realise how many Palestinian children are actually suffering in this terrible war.

Palestinian children outside the wreckage of their home
They make them out to be terrorists because they are trying to fight for what is truly theirs.

It's a shame really because these children have a big future ahead of them.

Palestinian children are dying. Remember what they go through every day."

Mirna, 14, Edinburgh

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