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  Harry Potter is not the devil!
Updated 07 April 2002, 13.52
Harry Potter books
Press Packer Jade thinks that people are wrong to burn Harry Potter books. Here's why.

I read that books were being burnt by people who thought Harry Potter was the devil because he could do witchcraft.

I am a massive Harry Potter fan, I post regularly on the Newsround Harry Potter board and have lost count of the times I've read the books and seen the movie.

Great character

I would like to just say that Harry Potter is NOT the devil, he is brilliant and is an inspiration to people all over the world.

Children reading Harry Potter
I know that Harry Potter is a great influence on me but not just because he can do wizardry.

It's because he's a great character, and the books have got people reading who don't normally read.

Aren't people always saying that reading is a skill? Harry Potter helps people learn that skill through JK Rowling.

Harry helps people

I think young people should try and show these people that Harry Potter is not the devil. They could do Harry Potter related fund-raising events for charities to show how Harry Potter can help people.

Harry Potter is not the devil, but a character which has brought happiness to millions of children and adults alike all over the world. Why burn these books?"

Jade, 13, Manchester

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