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  Sailing into the record books
Updated 09 April 2002, 17.12
Seb on his yacht
Seb is hoping to become the youngest person to sail solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Here's his story.

"I don't know how old I was when I first started sailing but I was very young.

My father sails and I would join him on his boat. Then as I got older I was taught how to steer, tie knots and raise and lower the sails.

Now I'm preparing myself for a big challenge. I'm going to attempt to be the youngest person ever to sail solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

Racing my Dad

Map showing Seb's sailing route
I'll be sailing my 32ft yacht from Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands to the island of Antigua in the Caribbean in December.

And to make things a bit more exciting, I'm going to race my Dad who'll be in a yacht exactly the same as mine. I know I can beat him because I'm a better racer.

Not much sleep

At the moment I'm doing lots of preparation, I've been doing courses at the UK Sailing Academy and have completed a Professional Skipper Training course.

It's going to be very tough out on the water though. One thing is that I'm not going to get much sleep. However, I do have a self-steering system which will steer the boat when I do have to sleep.

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Also, mid-ocean I'll be able to sleep more because there'll be less obstacles in the way. But the closer I get to the islands the more alert I'll have to be.

I'm hoping to sail 100 miles per day which means I will reach Antigua in 27 days.

I haven't decided yet what I'm going to do when I finish the race, I might even decide to carry on sailing around the world."

Seb, 15, East Cowes

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