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  Mad about the Rings
Updated 30 March 2002, 09.12
Arwen the Elf
Helen reports on her Lord of the Rings obsession - and tells why it's better than Potter!

Everyone calls me obsessed. Why? Because I'm mad about Lord of the Rings!

Everyone is always going on about how good Harry Potter is, but I think the Lord of the Rings is so much better.

JRR Tolkien was a genius

Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins
Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins
I have read the books three times and I still haven't got bored!

It's an epic tale and JRR Tolkien was a genius. The story takes so many twists and turns that when I first read it, it really surprised me.

I thought the film was amazing too! The actors were really cool, they really brought the characters to life.

For instance, I really didn't like Boromir when I read the book, I thought that he was horrible.

But when I saw the film I thought Sean Bean played him really well and he made me feel sympathetic towards him.

Sean Bean as Boromir
Sean Bean as Boromir
I don't think we learn enough about JRR Tolkien at school. If we learnt more about him then maybe we would be able to understand everything that he wrote better.

Much better than Potter

I have seen the film eight times and I hope to go again. I can't wait until the next films come out!

I think that everyone should try reading Lord of the Rings and stop making such a fuss over Harry Potter.

Lord of the Rings is so much better!"

Helen, 13, Southampton

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