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  'I did the rollercoaster at the Disney Studios!'
Updated 16 March 2002, 19.25
Stpehanie meets the Power Rangers
Stephanie, 10, has been to Paris to report exclusively for Newsround on the brand new Walt Disney Studios.

"It isn't the best theme park, but it's still really good. I really like roller coasters, but there was only one there so it wasn't really my kind of theme park. But other people might enjoy it more.

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I liked the Tram Tour - they use fire, water, earthquakes. You learn how people think up the ideas behind films.

Teething troubles

Queuing to get in
"That's OK, we'll wait!"
The Art of Animation bit is really good too because there are four rooms you go into. Some tell you how animation works and others you can actually draw cartoon characters with some help.

I really wanted to go into the Armageddon bit. It broke down though and we went back about 12 times but it was still broken every time! I was really disappointed. I think they saw me coming and shut the ride!!

The Animagique was really for little kids and I think they'd really enjoy it. You go into the dark and there's all birds flying into the air and you see characters from old films.

You get sprayed with water but when they put special light on, you can see white speckles over everyone!

The flying carpets weren't the best because it didn't last long at all!

People aged about four to 14 would enjoy the Studios I think. There's quite a good mixture.

I would go back to it and I'd give it eight out of 10."

Stephanie's reportStephanie's report

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