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  'I can't wait to see Walt Disney Studios'
Updated 14 March 2002, 21.04

Stephanie, 10, is in Paris to report exclusively for Newsround on the glittering opening of the new Walt Disney Studios.

"I've been to Florida about 6 times and tried out loads of theme parks and rollercoasters. I especially like rollercoasters when they go upside down!

  Click here to see pix of my journey to Disney!

I like the excitement you get from them - theme parks are just not like any other park.

And here at the new Walt Disney Studios I am most looking forward to riding the Rock 'N Roller coaster.

Steph at Waterloo Station
I was really excited about the whole trip because I haven't been on Eurostar or even to France before.

When we arrived at Waterloo to get on the train, there were loads of press and people dressed up as famous, old film stars like Marilyn Monroe.

Cheer up!

It was a good journey and during it there were people dressing up again and doing magic tricks to cheer you up because it's a 3 hour journey. So it was good they were there!

When we arrived in France, I was excited as everyone would be, knowing you're there to report for TV!

We were given special packs with tickets and everything in it. When we got off the train, there were all the Disney characters and a band waiting for us.

We filmed the first bit of the Press Pack report, the opening scene with me playing the part of someone just relaxing by the pool.

It went really well and I enjoyed that because I've never really acted before.

Tomorrow we're going to the new studios and I am going to try all the new rides out and hopefully it will go brilliantly!"

Check back on Friday for loads of pics of the theme park and on Saturday, read Stephanie's verdict on the Studios!

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