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  'It's not cool to smoke'
Updated 13 March 2002, 09.48
Teenagers smoking
Charlotte reports on why smoking's not cool.

"I feel very strongly about smoking.

At my school, like schools all over the country, the pressure to smoke is building higher and higher!

If you are a geek and want to be seen as cool the way in is smoking - if you smoke, you're popular.

People think it's an easy road to gain popularity and friends.

Smoking to be popular

I really hate the idea of smoking and when someone smokes it really puts me off them.

The age of people smoking now is getting younger and younger and I really think action should be taken by teachers, parents and former pupils.

It makes your clothes stink

At my school there are about three smoking hideouts where pupils and teachers both know kids hide and smoke.

Teachers avoid this and pretend nothing is happening.

When I walk to and back from school the majority of the time I'll walk past some one smoking or walk behind a group of smokers. I'm asthmatic and I hate the smell it leaves on clothes and bags.

Smokers make life annoying for those that don't smoke. We don't want to be influenced by others killing themselves!

Adults should be responsible

Children in primary schools should all be taught the risks of smoking and drugs from an early age and parents should be take more responsibility warning kids about the bad effects of smoke, even if they themselves smoke.

Teachers should also not back away either, they should get people to talk in assemblies about smoking and it's dangers.

As you can see I feel very strongly about the issue and want to warn people about these risks."

Charlotte Jones, 13, West Midlands

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