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  We designed our own school uniforms!
Updated 14 March 2002, 08.40
The new girls uniform designed by the students at Aldercar School
The new girls uniform designed by the students at Aldercar School

Alana is one of the students at Aldercar School, near Langley Mill in Derbyshire, who recently joined forces with fashion designer Paul Smith to design their own school uniforms.

But as she reports, getting everyone to agree wasn't as easy as it seemed.

"When I first heard that we were going to have the chance of designing our new school uniform, I thought it would be great fun and very interesting.

Langley Mill
There's nothing wrong with our uniform that we have now, but there's no individuality which I think is very important to teenagers.

We wanted something with a bit of colour, style and something to make us look different, in a good way of course!

Professional help

We took a look at current fashions such as cropped trousers, but the only problem was that fashion changes every day.

A colleague of fashion designer Paul Smith helped out with the designs
Fashion designer Paul Smith
After coming up with several designs we had them checked out and run over by a designer working for fashion label Paul Smith.

She was great and helped us with many different phases of the design work.

But - thumbs down!

When they were finalised we came up with an assembly to show the whole school what had been produced.

We set up a room and gave up our dinner times to give people a chance to see the change, and to help us, they would also fill in a questionnaire.

At the end of the week, the outcome was a universal thumbs down, and the whole team was shocked.

Then - thumbs up!

The new boys uniform designed by the students
The new boys uniform designed by the students
But we had to carry on to design something the whole school wanted as a uniform. After lots of hard work and late nights staying behind after school we had the final designs.

The school really preferred them to the last designs and we got the thumbs up.

We thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and now the uniform is 100% going ahead."

Alana, Aldercar Community School, Derbyshire

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