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  Hanging out on the James Bond set
Updated 05 March 2002, 08.28
Eden Project in Cornwall where they were filming the latest Bond film
Michael spent the day hanging out on the set of the new Bond film.

"Last year my school held an auction, with the chance to watch the filming of the latest James Bond movie at the Eden Project in Cornwall up for grabs.

I'm a massive Bond fan and I was over the moon when I found out that my grandmother was the highest bidder.

She gave me me the prize as my joint Christmas and birthday present.

Leafy plot

Map showing Eden Project
The Eden project was chosen because the plants gave a tropical setting which they need for part of the film.

I saw plenty action too, lots of stunts, and there was even one scene where they abseiled down the inside of one of the domes.

I also loved seeing all the hi-tech gadgets that every Bond film has.

Met the film crew!

I got to meet the director of the film and had a meal with crew. Although Pierce Brosnan wasn't there it was great to meet the other cast members.

Pierce Brosnan is Bond, James Bond!
After eight fantastic hours on the set I was given a special Bond cap (there are only 100 of them) and later some of the bullets that were used in the shooting scenes.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Bond 20 when it comes out in the cinema.

It's going to be quite special because it's the 40th anniversary of the Bond films this year.

And Bond films get better each time - although the film Moonraker is still my favourite."

Michael, 11, Gorran Haven

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