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  'I set a world record in chess'
Updated 01 March 2002, 20.05
David with Vladimir
David is the youngest player scores points against a reigning world champion. He explains why he likes the game so much.

"I have just finished playing chess against the Russian world champion Vladimir Kramnik and set a world record as the youngest player to ever score points against a reigning world champion.

I first started playing when I was five and a half.

My dad bought a chess set at a jumble sale and he taught me the basic moves.

I got really interested in the game, learnt the moves quickly and started playing in competitions when I was six.

At first I use to win half and lose half of my games.

But I was spotted by a chess trainer who started coaching me and after a few months I found it too easy playing in junior tournaments.

So now I play in tournament for adults as well.

Adults get embarrassed

Vladimir Kramnik
Vladimir Kramnik

I enjoying playing against older people, it's really challenging and they don't give me an easy time just because I'm a lot younger than them.

Also they don't like to be beaten by someone my age, I've beaten adults before and some of them have been really embarrassed!

I like chess because it's enjoyable and stimulates the mind. I don't think it's boring at all and you always must be thinking ahead for your next move.

But I don't know if I want to be a professional chess player in the future.

At the moment I want to carry on studying at school but also be the best chess player I can be."

David, 11, Eastbourne

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