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  'I've DJed with Brandon Block in Ibiza!'
Updated 21 February 2002, 09.14
DJ Kingy spinnning his tunes
Ben, aka DJ Kingy, started mixing two years ago when he was just nine. Now he's moving to Spain with his family, to further his DJing career.

"I started mixing when my dad was mixing - I was nine and he asked me if I wanted to have a go. I was alright so I stuck with it.

Three weeks later I was doing a live festival called Streetwise in Manchester.

I DJed with Brandon Block

DJ Kingy on the decks with his dad
DJ Kingy on the decks with his dad
Then last year I got sponsored to go to Ibiza. There I played with Brandon Block in Coast Line Cafe. I also played Bar M and Kiwi - I did live sets for half an hour to an hour.

I'm into hard house and mellow house - which includes Ian Van Dahl and TJ Davies.

Moving to Spain!

Now that we're moving to Alicante in Spain I'm hoping to get regular jobs DJing with my dad.

I'm taking most of my possessions with me but I'll be buying some decks when I get there.

I'm hoping I'll get to play the big clubs like the Ministry of Sound.

Looking for a record deal

DJ Kingy's moving from Rochdale to Alicante
I've recently made a record with my dad, a keyboardist and the vocalist.

We've not got a deal yet but we're hoping to get it pressed onto vinyl soon. It's by Zero Hour and it's called Dreaming of You.

We're hoping for a better life in Spain and I'm excited because it's warmer there and I'll be able to go in the pool. But I hope some of my family will come and visit us because I will miss them.

My top tip to other kids who want to get into DJing is listen to more music and try and stay out of trouble."

Ben, 11, Rochdale

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