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  Movie mistakes make me mad
Updated 18 February 2002, 08.37
Monsters, Inc.
Press Packer Peter is tired of seeing so many mistakes in his favourite movies.

"Just recently I have been noticing a lot of mistakes in movies and it's really annoying!

Moviemakers are getting really lazy nowadays and making even the simplest of mistakes.

Fact File
Some Potter blunders
Hogwarts Express
Ron's hair begins with a centre parting, but soon changes to a side parting.
Mirror of Erised
Just before Dumbledore talks to Harry, the shadow of a cameraman and camera appear on the wall.
Professor McGonagall
After transforming back from a cat, she isn't wearing glasses - but in the next shot she is!
With so much new technology being created it should be made even a bigger priority to get a realistic film.

Costume changes

Mistakes in films include things like half way through a scene the costume changes slightly or the shots are placed together incorrectly.

In Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone there were 49 mistakes in all and I spotted quite a lot of them myself.

Is it just because it's a children's film that they think they can get away with it?

No excuse

Harry Potter
Even in the newly opened Monsters, Inc. which is a computer animated film there are 12 mistakes in all.

If it is computer animated you would think that it would be easy not to create mistakes in the final production.

Films are great for a day out but even the simplest and easily avoidable mistakes are being made.

Next time you see a film see how many mistakes you can spot."

Peter, 14, Olney

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