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  'Fox-hunting isn't cruel'
Updated 14 February 2002, 09.09
Fox hunt
Amy thinks fox hunting's a good idea. Here she explains why.

"Many people disagree with fox hunting but I think people turn a blind eye to the real facts.

They just see that it involves killing a 'defenceless' animal and come to the conclusion that it is cruel with out looking at the real facts.

Foxes kill for fun

Why are foxes considered vermin by farmers and people alike? No one seems to ask that question.

Fox cub
Fox cub
It's presumed foxes are hated because they kill sheep or chickens for their meals. 'That's life!' I hear that said all the time.

But there is a little more to it than that.

Foxes don't just kill enough to fill their stomachs. They kill for fun - they'll kill seven or eight chickens or four or five lambs, just for the thrill of being predator.

'Clean kill'

That may not seem like a big loss to you but to the farmer it could be his best sheep, his best chickens, maybe as much as 100's worth.

Foxes are killed cleanly by the hounds - their neck is broken straight away.

If the fox is shot the bullet could get lodged in it's body and cause it pain for months. Now, that is cruelty!

Look at the facts

And what about pheasant shooting? The gun could miss and hit the bird in the wrong place and injure it but not kill it. That's cruel.

I think before coming to a decision people should take a long hard look at the solid facts.

Before they try and get a ban and wreck other people's lives."

Amy Sharman, South Staffordshire

Tomorrow we'll be hearing from LB who lives in the country and thinks fox hunting should be banned.

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