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  'I met my heroes!'
Updated 07 February 2002, 09.27
Leah reporting on British Winter Olympics team working out in Canada
Leah reports from Calgary, Canada, on the Winter Olympics warm up. She loves ice skating and practises five times a week.

"We got to Canada nearly a week ago and we've packed in loads so far!

Bob skeletoning
First, we went to talk to the British team of luge competitors. Luge is a sport where you go down a bobsleigh run feet first on a tray.

They all said they were training really hard and they were happy to be here representing Britain.

Hectic filming

Monday was a hectic day - we did two reports for Newsround.

The first one was the ski jumping and we interviewed Glyn Pederson who's the British hope for the ski jump.

Although he was born and raised in Canada he's competing for Great Britain because his Mum and Dad and most of his family are from there.

Scary ski jump

We also shot a film about ski jumping. Where we were filming there were lots of little kids going off 90 metre jumps - it looked really scary!

Then we spoke to the skeleton competitors and the bob sleighers too. Skeleton is a bit like luge - you go down on your front head first.

'I met my heroes!'

Map showing Calgary in Canada
But the highlight has been interviewing the ice skaters Marika Humphreys and Vitali Baranov.

I asked them what the biggest sacrifice for their career was.

They said it was probably going out with their friends. My biggest sacrifice with my ice skating is my sleep - I have to get up at 5am most mornings!

Then Vitali 'lifted' me - he picked me up in the air then put me back down on the ice. It was brilliant!"

Leah, 13, Basingstoke

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Leah's report on ice skatingLeah's report on ice skating
Leah's report on the ski jumpLeah's report on the ski jump
Leah's report on skeleton bobsLeah's report on skeleton bobs

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