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  My top ten toys for 2002
Updated 28 January 2002, 10.46
Jamie at The Toy Fair
Jamie went to the Toy Fair in London to check out the 'must-have' toys for this year. Here's his verdict.

Click here to see pictures of Jamie checking out his favourite toys.

Skannerz - scan bar codes to collect monsters!
Jamie's second favourite - Skannerz
"After four exciting hours of walking around, I've given my mum a huge birthday present list!

I tried out all the latest toys and gadgets - from yo-yos to board games and virtual reality toys.

This is my list of top ten toys for 2002.

Even though I've chosen mostly electronic games, I still think board games are great because playing with friends and family is much more fun than playing alone.

  • 10: CANDY FLOSS MAKING MACHINE - so you can make every kid's favourite seaside treat!

  • 9: ROBOT WARS ARENA - where you battle miniature robots identical to the real ones.

  • 8: PASSWORD JOURNAL - a secret diary which recognises your voice, and tells you of any unauthorised attempts to enter your diary.

  • 7: SLUSH PUPPY MAKER - the coolest drink around.

  • 6: CRANIUM - a wacky exciting board game that 'exercises' your brain.

  • 5: REMOTE CONTROL SMART CAR - a small, cool car, perfect for big days out.

  • 4: INFLATABLE SPEAKERS - they can be connected to anything that makes a noise (except kids!).

  • 3: PINO - a small robot that interacts with your voice and touch, and has three levels of development.

  • 2: SKANNERZ - scan any bar code of any product to capture monsters, which fight and grow in a pocket sized games machine.

    Jamie's top toy - the Cybiko computer
    Jamie's top toy - the Cybiko computer

  • 1: CYBIKO EXTREME. This has to be my favourite toy! This pocket-size interactive computer can be used to play games, txt and e-mail your friends, or listen to your favourite tracks on MP3 player. It's a must have for any modern dude!

Jamie, 11, Brighton

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