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  'I've had two mobiles stolen'
Updated 08 January 2002, 18.33
Rosa, 10, has had her mobile stolen twice
Rosa Eldred, who's 10, has had her mobile stolen twice. Here, she tells us why she doesn't feel safe using her phone.

"I first got a mobile when I was nine, but I only had it for five weeks before it got stolen out of my mum's car.

'I'd use it to call my mum'

Boy using mobile
Luckily it was a pre-pay phone so they couldn't make many calls for free.

I'd use it to call my mum when I went out with my friends - I'd let her know when to pick me up.

Second mobile

I got a new mobile a couple of months later and kept that mobile for about six months before it was stolen.

I was doing a show at my dance class, and while I was on stage a girl from the other group took my phone out of my bag.

My dance teacher said they'd try to find the phone, but people left very quickly and we couldn't talk to everyone.

'I leave it at home'

I got my third mobile for Christmas that year, but now I don't take it out much. I leave it at home. Using it in the street makes me nervous so normally I go into a shop to use it.

Mobile phone
I've had my phone for a year now and if I lost this one I'd feel very upset because it's the longest I've kept hold of a phone.

Be careful

I'd advise people to hold onto their mobile at all times, and be careful where they use it.

Maybe the makers should include something in the phone so you can trace where it's used - that might stop people wanting to steal them."

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