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  'Potter accents make us laugh'
Updated 06 January 2002, 10.02
Scene from the Harry Potter film
Alissa, from Chicago, reports on what American kids think about Harry Potter and the UK.

"Ever since the Harry Potter phenomenon, Americans have been introduced to a lot more of the differences between you and us.

'Brilliantly wicked'

Scene from the Harry Potter film
I see people combining your expressions or ours with yours because they think it is really funny. For example, my friend always says either 'brilliantly wicked' or 'wickedly brilliant'.

I've seen that we both use 'cool' and 'awesome', but I haven't heard any of our slang terms that were not used by you.

In love with the actors

I've also seen many people using British accents and laughing hysterically.

Quoting lines from the movie is also done often, and we are completely in love with the Harry Potter actors, especially Daniel Radcliffe and Sean Biggerstaff.

Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry Potter
Daniel Radcliffe
Even adults who don't have children are going to see the movie and reading the books.

It is rare to meet a person who doesn't like Harry Potter, even if you are in a room full of high-schoolers.

The impact that Harry Potter has had on the world is amazing. There are always rumours going around about the Potter actors and when the DVD or next book is coming out.

We want the news first

People also get angry because we always get Harry Potter news, movies, and other Potter products after you.

I'm so glad I came upon this website because I'm able to tell my friends and other fans information that they can't get here. Thanks Newsround!"

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