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  Harry Potter is nothing compared to the Rings!
Updated 11 December 2001, 10.58
Lizo and Andrew
12-year-old Andrew from Keighley in West Yorkshire is one of the first children in the world to see The Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring.

He went to its glittering premiere, and here's his review.

"The Lord of the Rings film is absolutely excellent. It's really fast paced and the effects are incredible.

You don't know when you're watching something real and something not - it's really like you're there with all the characters.

It is long, but it doesn't matter. It doesn't have action all the way through - instead, it's broken up by bits of comedy and love.

My mum cried

It's quite scary and I jumped a lot. So I would agree with the trailer that it isn't right for people under eight.

But some of the fighting scenes are superb, especially between Gandalf and Saruman.

It's also quite sad in some places. I didn't cry but my mum did!

Ring v Potter

Harry Potter is nothing compared to this - this is excellent.

Potter is a good film but it's more of a kids film. This is more grown up.

Also, with Harry Potter, I had read the book. Sometimes when that happens, the film isn't as you imagined it.

For instance, Dumbledore was not nearly as tall and important-looking as I imagined from the book.

So I think a lot of people will like Lord of the Rings better, because fewer of them will have the read the book, and fewer will have ideas about how it should look.

Harry now gets five out of 10

Before I saw this movie, I gave Harry Potter nine out of 10.

Having seen The Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring, I would give it 10 out 10, and Harry Potter five out of 10."

Watch Andrew's reportWatch Andrew's report

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