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  We cracked a world record!
Updated 03 December 2001, 14.36
Roman soldiers help with the world record of the most crackers pulled in one go
Alistair, 10, from London writes about taking part in cracking a new world record.

"I went to the Museum of London's 25th Birthday party, and wow, there were a lot of people there!

When we got to the museum, we registered for the big cracker pull. My number was 251 and the first thing I saw were Roman soldiers, wearing helmets and armour, carrying shields.

Pearly queens and Roman soldiers

I saw a Pearly Queen from the Old Kent Road. She was born in London and has lived in London all her life.

Roman soldier

There were Roman centurions and soldiers stationed all around the Roman Gallery and Standard Bearers wearing bearskins.

In the Medieval Gallery there was story telling by a man named Mick Sands who also played a lute.

Guinness Book of Records

Next was the gigantic cracker pull. We all stood on grey line which ran all over the museum. The museum was aiming for one thousand people to take part in pulling crackers all at the same time so that they get into the Guinness Book of Records for the most people taking part in a cracker pull.

I saw people wearing numbers 596, 603, 657, 685, 687, 983, 1045 and 1046. So they reached their target. Even some of the Roman soldiers had numbers on.

Loud bang

Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria told us when to pull our crackers

Queen Victoria told us to cross arms and when to pull the crackers. There was a loud bang and everyone cheered. Inside each cracker was a hat, a tape measure and a packet of pencils. The official number of cracker pullers was 951 (a new world record!).

Then we went to see the Punch and Judy Show which was about the time Mr Punch put the baby in the coal cellar.

Birthday cake

Then we had the big cake cutting ceremony and we all sang Happy Birthday to the Museum of London.

The day ended with a firework display

We each got a piece of cake on the way out of the museum.

As I was going I watched a huge number of balloons go high up in the sky over St Paul's Cathedral.

The balloon race was a fantastic sight.

Finally there were terrific fireworks that went off just above us."

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