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  My day with Jamie Oliver
Updated 01 December 2001, 14.27
Kirstie and Jamie
Kirstie, 13, visited the Good Food Show to quiz king of the kitchen Jamie 'pukka' Oliver.

"When I was told I had won the Good Food Show competition I just couldn't believe it. I didn't sleep all week when I found out!

Jamie was lovely and surprised me by giving me a signed book for my birthday next week. He even said my questions were great.

Here's my interview with the Kitchen King:

When you were younger was it your ambition to be a chef? If not what did you want to be when you were older?
Yeah I think when I was younger I always knew I wanted to be a chef. I wasn't really positive until I had left school and it was the only thing that I was good at. I went and worked in France but they were so good and I was really rubbish at cooking, so I just put my head down and the more I worked the more fulfilling it was.

What is your favourite dish that you have made?
It sounds a bit boring but I haven't really got a favourite dish because I move from one thing to another really quickly! I just like to play around with dishes and different ingredients.

Can you remember when you first cooked a proper meal? What was it and how old were you?
My first meal was a full monty roast dinner for my family and we had roast chicken with all the trimmings and I had done stuffing. I was probably around 11. I had cooked for years before that in the restaurant but it was nice and everyone was like; 'that was really good J' and after that it made me want to cook more.

I used to watch the programme Junior Masterchef in which children cook - would you like to do a similar programme?
I think anything inspiring kids to want to cook or be interested in eating or what they eat is a really good thing. Junior Masterchef was really cool, but I personally would really like to do some TV with kids. I am working on something at the moment which is quite cool.

In food technology I am nearly top of the class, which tips can you give me to impress my teacher?
Impress your teacher? Mmm, I think keep things simple but just do them really, really well. So if you are going to cook a piece of fish make sure you season it nicely, cook it to perfection. Stick to what you know, do it really well because when people try and do really complicated things they get flustered and things start to burn and go pear shaped!

Have you ever had any accidents in the kitchen?
Many accidents! When I was young, about 13, I used to make fresh Banoffee Pie in the restaurant and I was responsible for putting the condensed milk on to boil for about four or five hours instead of it caramelizing in tins. At one time I didn't put enough water in, and so when we came back after our break it had boiled dry and exploded! Everywhere there was black caramel, even on the walls! It took me about four hours to clean it and it still wasn't clean.

When I am in school all of us girls say we are better than the boys at cooking, do you agree?
I think boys and girls are outrageously different, I think boys like to think they are more practical than girls at everything but most of the influential chefs I have worked with have all been women. Don't ask me why but they seem to be a little more sensitive about combinations, when things are in season, and actually making tasty food rather than putting them in pretty piles. But saying that some of the fine chefs in the world are men, so I think it is 50/50 to be honest.

What do you think of the food bus and cookery lessons for kids here at the Good Food Show?
I think anything that tries to inspire kids to be interested in making food is a fantastic thing, you can't muck with that really. The thing with kids is that you don't want to be lectured you need that excitement, tasting things and having a go yourself and if that involves making a few mistakes then so be it!

What's been your favourite bit of the Good Food Show?
The shows that we do here because there are 2000 people in there and they want to be entertained, taught something and have a bit of a laugh, so it is a bit of a responsibility but I think if you enjoy what you do then normally you win the audiences over! By the way nice questions Kirstie."

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