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  The Golden Snitch Awards 2001
Updated 10 November 2001, 13.20
Thomas wearing his HP cape
Thomas, 12, was one of the first people to see Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - and presents his Golden Snitch awards.

And the award winners are:

Best adult actor:
Alan Rickman (aka Professor Severus Snape). His dramatic, terrifying style of acting is obviously just the thing for a Slytherin.

Best adult actress:
Maggie Smith (aka Professor Minerva McGonagall). A bit older-looking than I imagined but still strict, firm and typical teacher style.

12-year-old Thomas

Best child actor:
Rupert Grint (aka Ron Weasley). Not quite how I imagined Ron, but all the better for it - he gets the edge over Harry due to his superb style.

Best child actress:
Emma Watson (aka Hermione Granger). Perfectly annoying, extremely clever and a know-it-all, she wins hands down.

Best special effect:
Fluffy. It was a tough choice, but he moves very well and looks good, while the Quidditch match isn't quite up to scratch.

Best addition from the book:
The extremely funny, improved "Dudley and the snake scene". He falls into the water and after being paralysed with fear, ends up trapped in there. Stupid boy.

Most disappointing thing to lose from the book:
Peeves the Poltergeist. A comic, mad and all-round mischievous character, he would have looked good on the big screen rather than the cutting room floor. Oh, well.

The Great Hall wins the Best Scenery Award

Funniest part:
It's a good night for this scene. Once again "Dudley and the snake" wins. Great acting from Dudley and a great idea.

Most frightening part:
The chess match. Very violent and Ron's sacrifice adds up to a pretty darn scary bit for a young audience.

and finally...

Best Scenery:
The Great Hall of Hogwarts. Actually an abbey, the ceiling, floating candles and pumpkins become the most spectacular place in the film.

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