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  I was Harry Potter's neighbour
Updated 23 October 2001, 13.00

Rachel, 10, of Bracknell, Berkshire, describes what happened when her street became a set for the Harry Potter movie.

Check out her behind-the-scenes pictures of the filming by clicking on the camera link, above right.

"I was there. "Where?" you may ask.

Privet Drive!

For a short while (around two weeks), I lived in Privet Drive - because the close where I live became the set for Harry Potter's home address.

Changing the houses

First they began moving stuff in to change the houses.

Chimney stacks and aerials were added, then trees, plants, and fences for the gardens, and of course the Privet Drive road sign.

It was all very exciting.

White screen

Then the filming equipment came. I could see a big white screen to reflect light onto the actors, umbrellas for the rainy days, and rails for the cameras to roll along.

The director took over the lawn of the house opposite us.

It wasn't too much bother (apart from the fact that Dad had to park in Tesco's car park for the actual filming days), but they gave us a little cheque for the "inconvenience"!


Then came the owls. There was a snowy owl that played Hedwig, and a brown owl who I think is Errol. There is a photo of me with Hedwig.

One of the crew gave me a book signed on 17 September 2000 by Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Harry Melling (cousin Dudley) and the director. It is now one of my treasures.

I'm really excited about the film premiere. Unfortunately I haven't got a ticket, but I am most definitely going to watch the film at my local cinema."

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