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  Totally board!
Updated 16 October 2001, 11.04
Presspackers at Snowboard Comp
Sean and Tom, 12, are twins from Warrington. They went along to the Nokia Totally Board Competition. Here's their report:

What did you see and what was the best part of the day?
Sean: We saw a lot of snowboarding and skate boarding. We met Gian Simmen who's the world half pipe gold medallist in the Olympics. He let us have a go on his board - it was an original, a prototype. We also met Andy McDonald - he's a skateboarder.
Tom: Gian Simmen was a really nice guy, dead down to earth and he let us use his board!

Are you into boarding?
Sean: Definitely. I prefer snowboarding to skateboarding though - we go every Saturday on a dry ski slope.

How long have you been doing it?
Tom: About 9 months.

How did you get into it?
Sean: At school out Headmaster said if you wanted to do something, there's only yourself to stop you. We saw it on TV and asked our Mum and Dad if we could do it. They said yes so we started taking lessons.
Tom: We watched it on a TV programme and it looked like really good fun so we wanted to try it.

Is it difficult?
Tom: I find it pretty easy - it's a sport you can learn and get quite good at it quickly.
Sean: After about three lessons you pick up and can go off on your own.

Have you ever had any injuries?
Tom: You have to be careful but most of the time it's pretty safe if you know what you're doing.

Any top tips?
Sean: Make sure you go to properly organised lessons and make sure you listen to what the instructor says.
Tom: My motto is: if you're not falling over then you're not trying hard enough. And you won't learn very quickly if you don't have a few nasty knocks. Also listen to everything your instructor says and follow it through to the letter. If you've got the ability to do it just go ahead and do your best.

Have you ever been on the snow?
Sean: Yes - at the competition for five minutes with Gian Simmen.

Why do you like snowboarding?
Sean: It's the best sport because you can express yourself and move up to any level you want.
Tom: It's definitely my favourite sport because you just do whatever you want whenever you want to do it.

Watch Press Packers' reportWatch Press Packers' report

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