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  Your Reports: What's happening to our environment?
Updated 05 October 2001, 17.01
Children in rubbish dumps
Stuart, 12, from Deeside warns against what we're doing to the environment

As you're walking down the street you can't blink without seeing a crisp packet. But oil from boats is going in our sea it is disgraceful.

People take the world for granted, we don't own this world we are just the lease holders.

Bins are there to be used not just for show. Paths are for walking on not littering.

The sea is there for fish and sea creatures to live in not to drop things in. What are we leaving for our future generation?

Malaysian child wears a pollution mask

People can get diseases like asthma from too much pollution.

The polar ice cap is melting, the world is warming up.

Just from pollution, just from us throwing crisp packets and driving cars for just going down the road. Mother nature can't take any more.

Your world

People don't think, that without trees we can't live. We need air, the ozone is vanishing just from the human race.

Factories are letting out toxic fumes polluting the planet.

Can life go on like this? No. Do you want your children to live in this world?

I am only 12 and I think something needs to be done about this pollution that we have to live in. Our world is dying from this pollution that can be stopped.

Current affairs are bad but this is bad as well. This can stop instantly but people are too lazy to put litter in the bin.

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