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  Potter games tried and tested
Updated 02 October 2001, 13.12
Harry Potter Games Press Packer Geraint
Geraint, 10, reports on the new range of Harry Potter games:

What have you been reporting on for Newsround?
I've been checking out the launch of the new HP toys that are being released with the film.

Did you try anything out?
Yes - I tried out a couple. First I tried one where two characters electronically cast spells against each other. You put the casting stones on two little platforms and the most powerful casting stone wins the battle. I also played with an electronic baby Norbit that made a noise every time you patted it on the back. And I played with a game where you had to move a ball around an obstacle course over different obstacles.

What did you think of the games?
Some were quite good like the levitating game. I liked it because it was hard and you could change the difficulty and you needed to be quite skilled to play it. I didn't like the spell casting one because it was too fiddly and it wasn't like the book at all and was quite flimsy.
Geraint's favourite, the levitating game

Which was your favourite?
My favourite was the levitating game.

Do you think you'll be buying any of the games?
Probably not - the books and the film are being aimed at people nine to eleven and the toys are really for younger people who may not have read the books and may not go and see the film.

What do you think of the price?
Some were really expensive - and really weren't worth it when you compare it to a Playstation game where you can spend ages playing it.

Do you it's a good idea having games to promote the film?
Some of the Harry Potter toys available
It's difficult to use your imagination with the games when you've got the book to compare it to. They might even tell you what's going to happen and spoil the surprise. Some were OK but most of them were a bit of a disappointment.

So which do you prefer - the books or the games?
You can get a lot more entertainment from books because you use your imagination, they're creepy but exciting. But with a board game you can finish it and it gets put in a cupboard with the rest and forgotten about.

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