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  Imma was our Guest Editor for December!
Updated 15 December 2003, 20.53

Imma, 15, from London was our Newsround website Guest Editor for the day.

Here's her diary of her day in the big chair!

11.30am: I was greeted by the online editor, who introduced me to everyone at the office.

Everyone was lovely and they made me feel really comfortable. There's a great atmosphere here, and the office is full of colourful posters (lots of Lord Of The Rings actors and Busted ones!).

I've just had a talk with the editor about the Saddam Hussein find and the issue in Iraq, and he's really great because he's so interested in young people's opinions.

I'll be going to a meeting to discuss what'll be going on the website later, can't wait. It'll be interesting to see how the team works!

1pm: Just got back from the editorial meeting to discuss what would be going on the website!

We all sat around and it was informal and fun. The team are all really funny as well as dedicated, and they're so friendly.

We were given a list of today's stories and we talked about them all briefly. It was very interesting to see how they go about deciding things as a group, while they made jokes and kept things light-hearted.

I'm really enjoying myself and I'll be going to lunch in a mo.

3.30pm: All the Newsround team have been giving me great advice about what courses I should take if I want a career in journalism. It would be so great to work in somewhere like Newsround!

I watched Clare write an article on the battle of the Xmas number one spot, and a quiz on Saddam Hussein, which was very interesting, and I learnt how they write articles in particular formats, and where they get info and pictures from!

I popped down to get a big bag of sweets with Clare after a while, and she shared them out with the other members of staff (yum, it really does pay to work here!).

I've been having a fantastic time, chatting away to the team and finding out how everything works. Right now I'm waiting for Cristina to take me over to where the Newsround studio is, so I can watch it get aired on TV!

6pm: I've done plenty since 4pm! I helped out one of the moderators on the Message Boards of the website, and she showed me how they filter and edit some of the messages.

Then I was rushed off to the studio where they were preparing to film Newsround. It was all very exciting, because they were working on the major story of Saddam Hussein's capture!

I met the director and producer and they were very friendly. It was interesting to see all the different screens and watch how they organise the show in perfect timing. It's definitely made me appreciate the show more, because such a lot of intricate work goes into it.

The studio where they were filming was really surprising, I'd never imagined it was so small! I met the presenters, Ellie and Laura, and they were lovely. I then went to the meeting where all the programme makers discuss how the show went, and everyone was happy with the output.

I've had the most fantastic day, and I'd like to thank everyone for showing me so much and making me feel very welcome!

It's been such a valuable experience which has pointed me in the direction of my future career... definitely one in journalism and TV!

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