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  I met Busted at Proms in the Park
Updated 15 September 2003, 19.08
Catrina at Prom in the Park
Catrina went to report backstage at Proms in the Park - she even got to interview Busted!

Here she describes what it was like.

"We got to the park at about 8.45 in the morning and there was hardly anyone else around - just a camera people setting up in front of the stage.

We went to check out the dressing rooms, and film a few pieces to camera at the back.

Mis-Teeq said hello

We went to see the dressing rooms to have a look and when we were there Mis-Teeq, Busted and Big Brovaz arrived.

Su-Elise said hello to me as she walked by.

Mis-Teeq and Big Brovaz looked the same as usual but Busted looked a bit like teenage boys - I didn't recognise them because they didn't have any makeup on!

Celebrity lunch

Busted jumped around a lot
Busted was the band I was most looking forward to meeting - I really like their music and Charlie is probably my favourite.

Then we did some filming and watched the bands practise.

After that we grabbed some lunch and Matt from Blue Peter on one side and one of the Exchange presenters sat with us. On the table next to us was Alesha from Mis-Teeq and in front of us was Nadia from Big Brovaz.

It was kind of weird because I've never been that close to a celebrity before.

Busted interview

Then I interviewed Busted. I was really really nervous! I babbled to the camera because I was so nervous.

I asked them a couple of questions about performing on stage - they told me they wanted to do the concert because they got to perform with the best orchestra in the world.

Although I spent most of the time backstage behind the scenes hanging out with the celebs, but I did manage to hear some of the concert - and it sounded really cool."

Catrina, 11, Saffron Waldron

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