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  What's all the fuss about Potter for?
Updated 18 June 2003, 08.42
Not everyone loves Harry Potter
Rebecca isn't excited at all about the Order of the Phoenix. In fact, she doesn't think it'll be worth reading.

So why won't she be desperate to read the book that millions of kids in the world can't wait for.

I'm writing about Harry Potter.

I don't like it.

I'm not saying that J.K.Rowling is a bad author I'm saying that I don't like what she has chosen to write about.

I love the names of some of the people in her books because they are made up of different languages.

I've read the first and second books but gave up reading the rest because they've all got the same plot.

Does Hermione know everything?
Does Hermione know everything?
Harry goes to school. He meets his friends. Hermione shows off. They find out something is wrong. Hermione shows off. They find out what's wrong. Hermione shows off. Harry & co help each other through a few perils. Hermione shows off. Harry fights Voldemort. (My friends and I have come to the conclusion that in the last book Voldemort and Harry become of equal powers and kill each other.)

What's the big deal about films and Daniel Radcliffe? They're not exactly the best films in the world.

Daniel who?

One of my friends thinks that watching the film will make people read the books but I'm not too sure.

Half the people in my primary school all said they fancied Daniel but actually they only fancied him because he was Harry Potter.

What's so great about Daniel Radcliffe?
What's so great about Daniel Radcliffe?
Daniel isn't the most marvellous person, is he. I don't see why people don't look closer to home?

As for the hype. Huh!! If you ask me that's the last thing that should happen.

I don't see why anyone would want little plastic figures that don't look like anything? When I see Harry Potter stuff I just think " Hello, you again, how you bore me!" and then I go away.

Better books out there

Another of my friends thinks that the hype is just a waste of time, effort and money.

Other children's books are available
Other children's books are available
I really don't see what all the fuss is about. There are so many really good books that people haven't found yet.

I ignore everything to do with Harry Potter. After all it is just another public boarding school story with a twist.

Why don't you write us a Press Pack report - and get it published on the site?!

It can be about anything that's happened in your local area - or your views on the news.

Rebecca, 12, Wales

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