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  Summer XS
Updated 16 June 2003, 09.02
Njoki waits for the concert to start
Njoki won a Press Pack competition to report on the Summer XS gig in Milton Keynes.

"A gorgeous day- plenty of sunshine, 45, 000 screaming fans and around 20 of the biggest acts in music. What am I talking about? The Summer XS concert at the Milton Keynes Bowl.

We'd been allocated special wristbands which allowed us into the tent where the various acts would be interviewed for TV and radio.

It was totally surreal seeing bands and artists that I had until now only seen in magazines and on telly standing right in front of me! What really surprised me was how much smaller everyone looked in real life.

Blazin' Squad: sheepish

Kym Marsh was tiny but really nice.

The concert was opened by Blazin' Squad who left the stage looking slightly sheepish.

They were meant to have started their two-song slot by singing their number 1 hit Crossroads but the TAPE kept skipping! This suggested that they had not been singing live!!!!!!

Jenny from Atomic Kitten and Simon from Blue all waved to me from the stage. I was really surprised at how good all the performances were, the Sugababes had brilliant voices as did Appleton and the crowd went wild for Blue, Big Brovaz, Blazin Squad and Daniel Beddingfield.

Busted rocked

It was Busted that got the loudest screams. They came on last and put on a show-stopping performance, it was well worth the wait.

The highlight of my day was meeting Busted. I saw Lee from Blue and got my picture taken with him (my friend Becky will die of jealousy), he was really sweet as was his band-mate Simon.

I also met Alesha and Sabrina from Mis-teeq (yet another wicked band). I saw Heidi Range from the Sugababes and I got her autograph. I also saw Darius not long after he had come off stage, he was in the massage tent. No. I'm serious! A MASSAGE TENT!!!!! Obviously there are some perks to being a celebrity!


Njoki gets a hug from her fave Busted lad, Charlie.
I was thrilled when I got to meet (and take pictures with) Busted. I met them all separately and Matt especially was incredibly nice. James seemed quite shy but was lovely as well. Charlie was TALL. He had to bend almost double to pose for the photo!

Amongst the other celebs I met were David Sneddon - really nice guy, he took a lot of time to talk to as many people as possible.

Darius, he was nice enough but seemed quite distracted the whole time. Big Brovaz- really cool and friendly! I got a picture with J-Rock and most of their autographs too. Blazin' Squad looked really good. They were cool - just your average 17-year-old boys only more sophisticated and Melo-D in particular was great.

I know that loads of my friends would have loved to have experienced what I did today. It was pretty special! Thank you so much Newsround! I had the most fantastic time!"


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