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  Westlife entries
Updated 30 April 2002, 20.15

CBBC Newsround offered you the chance to meet Westlife and see them in concert.

We asked you to send in your ideas for a film starring the band. We had loads of entries but we chose 15-year-old Chloe from Rochdale as the winner. She will get to meet her idols later this month.

The winning entry

The evil of all evils, Marilyn Manson kidnaps Westlife's biggest fan and holds her captive, only Westlife can save her! Manson demands a ransom of all of their voices to complete his plan of destroying pop music! Westlife embark on a dangerous journey - will they reach her in time or will pop music be doomed to extinction? Westlife save her (of course!) and the story finishes with a trademark ballad and Manson locked in a room listening to pop for eternity!
Chloe, 15, Rochdale

The best of the rest

Polka dot pants!

The world is taken over by eeeevvviilll killer polka dot pants. The pants are everywhere and they're sabotaging washing machines worldwide! The pants are going maaadd! But as everyone knows, there's only one thing that's even more powerful than killer polka dot pants, stripy thermal undies! Westlife are drafted in to disguise themselves as stripy thermal undies, and go about stopping the killer polka dot pants. The pants get so scared they flee the planet and Westlife are victorious!
Helen, 13, Lincoln

Simon Cowell to the rescue

Everyone thinks Westlife are just five normal guy's but they're WRONG! They're actually five small Irish leprechauns trying to take over the world! Nasty Simon Cowell tries to convince everyone they're leprechauns but no one believes him. They think his trousers have stopped the blood flow to his head and he's mad! Westlife buy Simon lots of trousers that fit to keep him quiet! In the end Westlife get all the gold and number one records they could imagine! They turn back into leprechauns when no one can see them and carry on taking over the world without anyone noticing. Or do they?
Rebecca, 15, London


Westlife stay as a very successful group and they write songs make all the Catholics and Protestants come together so that the war is stopped.
Jade,16, Lowestoft

Criminal crooners

Westlife are secretly criminals, and they make their money through bank robberies. In the film, they carry out a massive robbery on the Bank of England. They get their money, but then they realise they left Mark behind! MI5 catch on to what Westlife have been doing, and capture Mark and put him in prison. It is the job of the others to break into the prison and save Mark without being caught themselves. With much excitement, they manage to do it, and then they jet off to a tropical island and from then on, control all their criminal operations from there, with no one knowing where they are!
Rosa, 15, Cambridge


Westlife get a part in EastEnders! They go waltzing on and then Jamie, Martin, Asif, Jim Branning and Barry say "what's wrong with Eastlife? We don't need you lot here, they've got us!"
Westlife say, "who's Eastlife?"
the Easties reply "we are!" They start singing and of course Westlife win, that's the end of Eastlife - until next time!
Helen, 14, Canterbury

Shamrock Superheroes

Westlife are very different people. Bryan lives on a farm outside Killarney, Shane is a lawyer in London, Kian owns a video shop on the Isle Of Man, Mark works as a waiter in a posh restaurant in Glasgow and Nicky is a builder in Cardiff. They lead very different lives, but have one thing in common. They all join to be 'The Shamrock Superheroes'. They spy on their evil enemies, EL5 (who threaten to blow-up a number of famous buildings) and then succeed stopping them. They then return to their underground base for a relaxing holiday.
Sarah, 13, Stornoway


I think the Westlife film could be about them swapping places with their fans for a day to find out what it was like. They could wish for it to happen then it could come true for one day.
Debbie, 14, Hastings

'00' Westlife!

Westlife are secret agents called "00life". They go under cover for their manager Louis Walsh and hunt down all their enemies in the charts such as A1, Blue and S Club. They all have there own secret gadgets such as Bryan's baby walky-talky! In the end Westlife get their revenge on their enemies and are the only band left in the world of pop apart from Atomic Kitten. The pop world is never the same again after Ben A1's hair cut goes!
Lynette, 14, Aylesbury

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