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  Your messages for Paula Radcliffe
Updated 10 November 2004, 11.37
Paula Radcliffe
Paula Radcliffe has won her first marathon since dropping out in the Olympics in Athens.

It looks like she's over the defeat in Athens, so let her know if you're happy for her.

So if you were behind Paula, let us know and tell us your message for the plucky runner!

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quotePaula - you are my idol and I look up to you in every way possible. You are such a star!!! You deserved it on Sunday! Go Paula!!closing quote
Natalie, 15, Cheshire

opening quoteCONGRATULATIONS. It was brilliant to see you win after what happened in Athens.closing quote
Mark, 12, Ballynahinch N.I.

opening quoteWELL DONE PAULA!!!!! You really did it, you proved you could do it and you have! Well done!closing quote
Alison, 15, Glasgow

opening quoteThat performance was perfect! I liked the way that you showed confidence in yourself. That's a really good point. So I'd say-WELL DONE!closing quote
Manjiri, 9, Sutton Coldfield

opening quotePaula, you are an awesome runner!! I saw you finish at the marathon, you did GREAT! You've got a HUGE group of fans supporting you here! You are an inspiration to runners everywhere! Good luck in the future and keep on running!closing quote
Laine, 15, New York

opening quoteI think Paula did great, and she only dropped out in Athens because there was too much pressure on her to win. Well done on the New York marathon, Paula!!closing quote
Helena, 11, Liverpool

opening quoteI felt really sorry for you when you dropped out of the Olympic Marathon, but I'm glad to see you're back in top form: GO PAULA!closing quote
Amy, 11, London

opening quoteWell done! I liked the fact that you and the Kenyan runner showed great companionship at the end. Your effort was most important and winning was excellent - I guess you achieved a personal goal. Well done!closing quote
Sian, 13, Leicester

opening quoteI think Paula is the greatest athlete ever, she might have suffered defeat in Athens, but you can't be top all the time. We're all behind her - go Paula!!closing quote
Hannah, 13, Doncaster

opening quoteI don't like running but well done and I think it was mean of the press to give you such a hard time about the Olympics. Keep well!closing quote
Maisy, 14, Southampton

opening quoteWe really thought you wouldn't make it but you proved us wrong. Well done.closing quote
Colin, 11, North Walsham

opening quoteWe knew you had it in yourself - it just needed to come out and shine like before. Your country's behind you and you've got everything going for you.closing quote
Carmina, 15, Berkshire

opening quoteWell done, you're back up top. We all loved your performance.closing quote
Holly, 10, Barnoldswick

opening quoteYou are a very good runner. You did very well.closing quote
Sam, 10, Halesworth

opening quoteWell done Paula. You are back. I'm happy with you.closing quote
Walter, 13, London

opening quoteGo Paula you're great! GB's behind you all the way!! Go girl! closing quote
Bex, 13, Bournemouth

opening quoteI hope she goes all the way to the next Olympics, come on.closing quote
Phil, 13, London

opening quoteHey Paula!!!! Things got rough in Athens, but everything's gonna be ok this time around!!closing quote
Stacey, 11, USA

opening quoteWell done Paula, I thought that was an excellent and brave race, especially the finish. Welcome back! closing quote
John, 15, Nottingham

opening quoteWell done, Paula. You are back! I'm happy with you.closing quote
Walter, 13, London

opening quoteWell done, Paula. I'm really pleased you're back on top form.closing quote
Miranda, 13, Bristol

opening quoteGo on Paula! Believe in yourself and you WILL win! GO PAULA, GO! Britain is cheering for you!closing quote
Olivia, 13, Epsom

opening quoteGO PAULA we're all supporting you 100%!closing quote
Alison, 12, England

opening quoteWinning doesn't matter. All Britain wants is your best.closing quote
Claire, 13, Woking

opening quoteCome on Paula - you can do it this time - Britain's behind you all the way!closing quote
Katie, 13, Acton

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