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  What did you do for bonfire night?
Updated 09 February 2005, 15.04
Remember, remember, the 5th of November!

We want to know what got up to on bonfire night.

Did you go to any firework displays? Or maybe even have your own private back garden show?

Maybe you think bonfire night is boring and you stayed in with your pets instead?

Whatever you did, let us know!

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opening quoteI went up to Frylands Wood in Addington, near Croydon, with my guide unit and some other guides for a bonfire, fireworks and games in the dark. We all had a great time - creeping up on each other and looking after balloons. It was great!closing quote
Jenny, 13, London

opening quoteIt's not fair, in NI you have to have a license to buy fireworks, so we could not really celebrate bonfire night.closing quote
Hannah, 11, Northern Ireland

opening quoteWe had a street party on the field and me and my two friends Marney and Jenna got in our pj's, got teddies and watched Garfield and Shrek2 in my house. I will never forget it.closing quote
Daisy, 11, Bristol

opening quoteMy family, friends and I go to a firework display near the beaches of Brighton.closing quote
Joanne, 10, Hounslow

opening quoteUnfortunately, I didn't do anything on bonfire night. Although fireworks are pretty, they are dangerous, so I wouldn't let my dad light them. closing quote
Milli, 11, North Harrow

opening quoteI lit a few sparklers that's all really.closing quote
Samantha, 9, Greenock

opening quoteI had a great time on bonfire night!! I went to a firework display called 'after dark' and Girls Aloud performed there too!!closing quote
Kaz, 12, Sheffield

opening quoteMy best friend came round, we watched an excellent public firework display then she stayed for a sleep over.closing quote
Rosie, 10, Cambridge

opening quoteI went to a bonfire in my dad's village and it was really good. It's really important to know how to behave around fires and fireworks. If you know how, then you're bound to have loads of fun.closing quote
Laura, 13, Blackburn

opening quoteI loved going to Rowlands Castle to watch the fireworks, they were amazing the sky was full of smoke by the end of the night! It was great fun, I even got a light up thing to shine in the dark!closing quote
Amy, 12, Horndean

opening quoteThere have been fireworks almost every night for the past 5 days and I hate it! It's noisy and it frightens my pets! closing quote
Kate, 16

opening quoteI helped a friend move house and then we set off some fireworks.... just to let the new neighbours know that we had arrived!closing quote
Kelly, 15

opening quoteMy dog is terrified by the bangs of fireworks but I love bonfire night all the same.closing quote
Flick, 14, London

opening quoteI went and stood on a hill by the cricket club to watch the fireworks there. They were so pretty!closing quote
Jess, 15, Harlesowen

opening quoteUsually I go to my local school's fire display but this year I saw Maroon 5 at Brixton Academy! They were amazing, and, keeping with British tradition, held sparklers on stage!closing quote
Natalie, 16, London

opening quoteI'm having my party on the 6th coz it's my b-day on the 5th! Cool, or what?closing quote
Alice, 11, Ipswich

opening quoteIn Ireland we don't celebrate bonfire night. Our bonfire night is in Julyclosing quote
Cate, 13, Belfast

opening quoteFor bonfire night I was going to go to a firework display but as I had a cough we had our own at home.closing quote
Sayra, 9, Birmingham

opening quoteWell, we've had our own private house firework display with friends and family. We had to dress up so I dressed up with paper poppies all over my dress and even collected some money (for the popppy fund) selling them!closing quote
Kavita, 13, Ipswich

opening quoteIt's my birthday next week, but my parents have organised a fantastic firework party for me tonight. But I am quite scared about my younger brothers because they are so young and aren't fully aware of how dangerous they are. closing quote
Natalie, 14, Manchester

opening quoteTomorrow night is our local primary school's fireworks and I am going along with my neighbours to help look after the kids. closing quote
Lizzie, Oxford

opening quoteI'm having one at my house tonight with lots of friends round. so it should be good closing quote
Will, 10, Ilkley

opening quoteWe are having a display at our house. closing quote
Nowrin, 10, Nottingham

opening quoteI'm going to watch the Alexandra palace fireworks from my roof. We have a perfect view every year and don't have to worry about crowds or getting lost! closing quote
Sarah, 12, London

opening quoteI'm staying in I think but I'm goin on holiday tomorrow so that gunna be top :D better than bonfire night closing quote
Emma, 14, Blackburn

opening quoteI'm having fireworks in my back garden tonight then I'm going to my local display on bonfire night. closing quote
Becky, 10, Oswestry

opening quoteMy local event is on tonight in Bowhill in Fife it all starts of when they light the bonfire at 7. closing quote
Gillian, 11, Cardenden

opening quoteNothing tonight, but yesterday night my old primary school held a display and my back garden fence is their school field and my bedroom window looks out over the whole field and back of the school so I got a perfect a view! But my cat doesn't like it! closing quote
Louise, 14, Surrey

opening quoteWe have a huge fireworks display at Kendal Castle every Saturday night so I will be going to that. But my family usually also have a firework display on Friday with lots of sparklers. closing quote
Chloe, Kendal

opening quoteMe and my dad are just going up to my cousins for a firework displayclosing quote
Alexander, 10, Wellington

opening quoteMy local display is tomorrow night, so I'm just going to watch out of my window tonight for any other fireworks.closing quote
Matt, 11, London

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