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  US election result - are you interested?
Updated 05 November 2004, 13.47
George Bush and John Kerry

George W Bush has been re-elected as US President after millions of Americans turned out to vote.

But have you been interested in the battle for the US presidency?

Do you think that the final result is important or is something that affects you?

Or can you not see what the fuss has been all about?

E-mail and let us know what you think.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI think it's important because of what is happening in Iraq, and because America and Britain are close allies. I think that Kerry should have been elected because he would make a better president and would make things right that Bush made wrong.closing quote
Ronan, 8, Perth

opening quoteI'm interested, but I know the American media won't be interested in our election. I was actually torn between the two - but in the end, Bush was the stronger candidate.closing quote
Sophie, 14, Hastings

opening quoteAs a Christian, I am happy that the candidate with faith won. Although I don't agree with every little part of the war, I think Bush was right to fight back. If he hadn't, there very well may have been more terrorist attacks on the U.S. and maybe other countries.closing quote
Katie, 14, Ohio

opening quoteI think that Bush is the best man for the job as he has had four years of good experience.closing quote
Mark, 10, Hextable

opening quoteWell, I think it's a very important thing. What happened on 9/11 and in Iraq was most terrible.closing quote
Kelly, 11, Basildon

opening quoteI'm sort of interested, but I don't really think it has got anything to do with us. I bet Americans don't have to hear about Labour and the Conservatives all the time.closing quote
Terri, 12, Winsford

opening quoteI'm happy Bush won, because he can make up his mind about things, unlike Kerry who kept flip flopping.closing quote
Katie, 14, Indiana

opening quoteI am highly interested in this matter. I'm glad of the outcome, as it united the US and the UK stronger. I am now in Florida, and it has marked a very historical and memorable day in my life. Congratulations, President Bush, if I was a citizen I would have definitely voted for you!closing quote
Natasha, 13, Essex

opening quoteI'm a little disappointed that Kerry didn't win. He could have brought new ideas into the way the American government is run.closing quote
Frank, 14, Ipswich

opening quoteYes, I have very strong views and I say well done Mr Bush and I thought all along he would win because I support him all the way.closing quote
Ali, 12, Inverness

opening quoteI think that neither Bush or Kerry should have won. They both have bad ideas on how to run the country.closing quote
Christopher, 15, Houston Scotland

opening quoteI honestly don't care at all. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with us. I mean Bush or Kerry aren't going to decide whether fox hunting gets banned for us so why should the English be interested?closing quote
Becky, 10, Oswestry

opening quoteYes, I am interested. I know it's not our country but we have a right to know since we're together with them in the war.closing quote
Katie, 10, Stamford

opening quoteI was so interested in the election that I was up until seven o'clock in the morning watching the coverage.closing quote
Jessie, 15, Alaska

opening quoteAnyone who 'can't see the point' in this, really needs to wake up. The President of America is one of the most powerful people in the world, if not THE most powerful. This is a huge vote, Americans could be choosing between something as big as a war. I'm personally very worried about what's going to happen now that Bush is re-elected.closing quote
Hannah, 14, Leicestershire

opening quoteI'm not that bothered, but we can hardly forget about it. It's all over the news! If we lived in America I would be interested but I'm Scottish so I'm not bothered.closing quote
Katy, 11, Scotland

opening quoteThey're both as bad as each other, but if I had to vote, I'd vote Bush.closing quote
Sam, 11, Hadleigh

opening quoteI think it effects everyone in the world because America are one of the most powerful countries in the world. I also think it effects us because when the Americans need help they call their friends, i.e. the UK.closing quote
Rachel-Louise, 14, London

opening quoteAs long as Bush is elected our troops are over in Iraq. Bush is a bad leader and Kerry should've won. He'd be a way better leader. Bush isn't even interested in helping stop world pollution. I think it does effect us because it effects our army.closing quote
Eliza, 11, Pickering

opening quoteI think that if the elections were rigged, then I'm sure there's going to be a budding Michael Moore ready to jump in and expose it. However, if they were 100% legitimate, then long live democracy. closing quote
George, 15, Reading

opening quoteOf course it's important. America is the most powerful nation on Earth, and a different President will affect the entire world.closing quote
Matt, 13, Harpenden

opening quoteThe US President influences not only normal American citizens but world politics. Our future is relying on the decisions made by today's leaders, and we should make the most of our human right to 'choice' and exercise this right in our opinions and interest in such an influential and potentially world-changing event.closing quote
Francesca, 15, Essex

opening quoteA bit - but I don't know enough about either candidate to know which one would be better. I do slightly resent George Bush though, because of 9/11 and the war and everything, but I guess it would have happened whether he was in charge or not. So I don't know.closing quote
Louise, 14, Surrey

opening quoteI think that George Bush was a good leader as people re-elected him. He took us to war because he believed Iraq was a threat. He felt passionate about his country, give him some credit. closing quote
Hayli, 15, Kelso

opening quoteI think that the whole world should be interested in American politics. I'm not saying that because I live in Texas but as a citizen of the world I think we should all care what's going on in other countries. It only takes one election, one vote, to change the course of history. closing quote
Kait, 13, Texas

opening quoteIt's important for not only me as a young person, but for everyone else in the world. It's really good to know about foreign politics, and how they affect world crises, such as the war in Iraq, which affects not only my country, but the whole world. I personally didn't like any of the candidates running, but I know God will guide our President to make the correct decisions, and to make the right choices. closing quote
Tina, 15, USA

opening quoteAbsolutely! My school is at least 45% Americanclosing quote
Sophie, 12, Hong Kong

opening quoteI'm half European, half Asian, go to an American school. What can I say? The entire school is for Bush, and I am against him... if anyone is interested, check out Michael Moore, he makes sense. Everytime my friends say 'go Bush!' I cringe. They're my friends, but they don't see the truth - Bush isn't the greatest leader of all time (as a matter of fact, he's quite bad).closing quote
Arna, 15, Holland

opening quoteI think we should take an interest. After all, what America decides to do can affect the whole world. I think they've got the best leader possible for the next four years.closing quote
Becky, 15, Forest of Dean

opening quoteI care about them, because they affect us in a small way, but I wish Kerry had won because I oppose the Iraq war.closing quote
Amy, 11, London

opening quoteBush knew precisely what he had to do on 9/11 - fight back. Changing presidents during a war is very bad idea. Osama bin Laden actually encouraged Americans to not re-elect Bush! It's flabbergasting and saddening to see just how little my people seemed to understand about the issues and the war and took Osama's advice! He would've had free reign to do as he pleased had Kerry won! I sighed a great sigh of relief when Bush won. My country will not be ruined.closing quote
Rachel, 14, USA

opening quoteIt's very important to me because I live in America. I didn't want Bush to win because he keeps spending huge amounts of money, and wants to destroy the environment by drilling for oil, when he should be encouraging wind and solar power to stop America being so wasteful. If I could have someone win, I would have Nader, who not many people know about. He was a third candidate who is eco-friendly.closing quote
Jessie, 14, Illinois

opening quoteI think that it's AWFUL that Kerry lost!!! I think it was so important that he won. Bush has led America not away from terrorism, but into it! A war on terror? Well Mr Bush, you've made a bit of a mess of it so far!closing quote
Cara, 12, Bangor

opening quoteHopefully, it will encourage people in this country to take more interest in politics here. Britain and USA are close allies so I think it is important for Brits to take interest.closing quote
Clare, 14, Essex

opening quoteMost people in the UK want Kerry to win just because they dislike Bush, but do they really know what's going on and do they know what kind of man Kerry is? I've thought of it, and I want Bush to win because he's a stronger and better leader.closing quote
Adam, 15, Bristol

opening quoteI think it's really important, even if I'm English. America's decisions make such a great impact upon the rest of the world. And it makes even more difference to my brother because he's an American citizen.closing quote
Victoria, 15, UK

opening quoteHow can we not see it? It is everywhere and is really annoying. I hope Bush doesn't win the election because he caused the war in Iraq and we didn't need to go to war.closing quote
Beth, 13, Wales

opening quoteI don't care what happens. It's complicated and just unimportant to me. I do other things in my life...closing quote
Hanna, 13, Newcastle

opening quoteI utterly hate Bush! He's a bad leader and makes all the totally wrong decisions. I'm very disappointed that it's very likely that he's won. He's a bad leader and John Kerry shows a lot more hope for a better world if he leads America. Of course it's not my business but the decisions Tony Blair and George Bush make can in future damage our lives!closing quote
Helen, 12, Isle of Wight

opening quoteHopefully it will encourage people in this country to take more interest in politics here. Britain and USA are close allies so I think it is important for Brits to take interest.closing quote
Clare, 14, Essex

opening quoteI think that the US elections are blown out of proportion. Even though it is the most important job in the world, it is silly.closing quote
Laura, 11, Bristol

opening quoteI am soooo interested in who wins.... mean the US president's decisions effect the whole world cause they have soo much power....too much power!closing quote
Nicky, 15, Surrey

opening quoteAlthough I know it is important, I'm not interested.closing quote
Peter, 10, Newport

opening quoteOf course I am interested because whoever is made president will effect this country one way or another. Tony Blair has a special relationship with Bush but it would affect him if John Kerry was president.closing quote
Aisha, 13, Telford

opening quoteI'm interested, I'm fascinated by American politics!!closing quote
Claire, 15, Loughborough

opening quoteI don't get what all the fuss is about, and the way the Americans cheer over the smallest sign of a 'better' America really makes me sick.closing quote
Jamie, 15, Rotherham

opening quoteI think it's important that Americans do take a big interest. I was encouraged to become politically interested from a very young age and in our school we had our own mini-elections and got to do speeches on who we wanted to win and why.closing quote
Darleane, 14, Florida

opening quoteNope, uninteresting.closing quote
Gina, 11, Bristol

opening quoteI couldn't really care less. I'm not that bothered...closing quote
Louise, 14, Surrey

opening quoteI am really interested! I'm supporting John Kerry and think he's the right man for the job. We had a debate about it in our class and no one likes Bush, but they don't know why except me! I talked about oil, jobs, Iraq. I just wish people will just stop idolising Bush.closing quote
Norwin, 10, Nottingham

opening quoteI don't think it's very important to us - we're not American, but who ever becomes president decides what happens to Iraq and stuff, I would like Bush to win because we already know what he's like.closing quote
Kirstie, 10, Hastings

opening quoteI'm not really bothered because it's not the country I live in so I'm not that interested.closing quote
Katie, 13, London

opening quoteI don't understand how the American voting system works. I think it would be a lot fairer if they just counted up all the votes and the one with the most votes wins. Much simpler!closing quote
Betty, 15

opening quoteI am so interest I can't stop talking about it! It's very important!closing quote
Charlotte, 10, Leicester

opening quoteI think the elections are incredibly important to us. We are allies to America so it will always be important to us in Britain..closing quote
Ayesha, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteComing from the US I think it's very important to know what's going on and being a part of the decision. President Bush changed our schools, invaded Iraq for apparently no reason, shipped our jobs oversees, so many people I know are unemployed...etc. That's why it's so important to let your opinion be heard!!!closing quote
Addie, 15, USA

opening quoteI don't really think it's important because I think too much attention has been given to it and I don't think the USA would really care when it came to our elections.closing quote
Rachel, 15, London

opening quoteI think that whoever is president nothing will change and the war on Iraq will continue.closing quote
Danielle, 15, Newport

opening quoteI think George W. Bush is not a good leader and I think this will cause many problems for the rest of the world.closing quote
Billy, 12, Newport

opening quoteI know it's not my country but I still think it's important, especially after what's happened in Iraq.closing quote
Adam, 13, Cumbria

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