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Updated 05 November 2004, 17.21
UK beach filled with rubbish
The waters around the UK are home to thousands of species but they are also full of pollution.

From litter that we leave on beaches, to sewage, chemicals and oil spills, the rubbish that ends up in the sea is ruining the marine environment.

NR's Laura took a trip around the coastline to understand the problems facing our seas.

But what's the solution? How can we protect sea life and ourselves?

E-mail and let us know.

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opening quoteI think that there should be recycling bins on every beach so recyclable rubbish can be recycled. Also I think that the government should spend less time thinking about foxes and pay more attention on the millions of creatures under the sea dying because of pollution and rubbish.closing quote
Annabel, 13, Hemel Hempstead

opening quoteI think everyone should stop sitting around and help clear up the environment. It's like no one seems to care anymore.closing quote
Rosy, 11, Epping

opening quoteIn Germany they are strict about recycling and I think in England we could do a lot better. For example they separate their waste and recyclable things and if not their rubbish is not collected. Shops have to take back packaging and they re-use and sell bottles of empty soft drinks. "So come on do your bit and recycle! You never know we could change England and it could be a better place . Save animals and of course ourselves! closing quote
Emily, 9, London

opening quoteWhere I live the council have given us two bins. One blue and one green. You must put different types of rubbish and recyclable waste. I think it's a really good idea because you won't get your bins emptied unless you use the bins. closing quote
Poppy, 12, Beverley

opening quoteWhy all of a sudden has the Government noticed that pollution is growing out of hand? Just because things have got really bad, they think we should recycle. It is FAR too late to do much now. The government should be cleaning up their act too!closing quote
Kim, 15, Manchester

opening quoteI think that people should do a lot more research into sea life so that they can understand what toxic waste does to it. This will hopefully encourage people to be more environmentally friendly.closing quote
Celine, 13, Chester

opening quoteI don't think we are doing enough to stop pollution, but I don't think we can just do it by putting recycling bins everywhere! Stopping pollution needs people's RESPECT! I go on holiday to the Isles of Scilly, (just off the coast of Lands End) and the people there have utmost respect for the sea. We can't wave magic wands and make everything perfect! People need to respect their surroundings!closing quote
Beth, 14, Swindon

opening quoteI think people just don't care. Just because we are not fishes or any other animals that live in the sea, doesn't mean we should take advantage. We should all put a stop to all of this. closing quote
Sarah, 11, London

opening quotePeople should think twice about what they flush down the toilet because some people just treat them like dustbins.closing quote
Daniel, 12, London

opening quoteI think there should be police on the shores making sure people don't throw litter into the sea and that people should get fined if they get caught. closing quote
Jonathan, 9, Horwich

opening quoteIt's stupid. We could have better days having fun swimming in rivers instead of instead of sitting in front of Playstations like zombies. Everybody needs to get their act together!closing quote
Kate, 12, Sunbury-on-Thames

opening quoteMy entire life I have lived by the sea. My hometown is Blackpool so I've experienced first hand what the results of pollution can do, and it's not nice. Blackpool has a rep of the sea being dirty, and it's only the tip of the iceberg, soon things will begin to go seriously wrong, and it will only make an impact when the number of sea life drops dramatically!closing quote
Gem, 15, Lee on Solent

opening quotePeople should be fined for throwing rubbish in the sea. Think twice before you do it - would you like swallowing a plastic bag?closing quote
Jenny, 15, London

opening quoteI think the government should be spending its money on helping the wildlife rather than spending it on things like computers. The government has made a big thing about banning fox hunting when they should put new laws in saying that people can't dump litter in places where there is wildlife. If they were as eco-friendly as they say, then why aren't they doing more to help the wildlife? closing quote
Debora, 12, Cumbria

opening quotel don't think we should just blame ourselves, some countries cause more pollution than others and people think it's okay to just put them on a barge and dump it in the sea. I think we should make this illegal but where would people put there waste?closing quote
Antony, 13, Cardiff

opening quoteI hate it when I see people just dropping litter everywhere, it makes me mad!!!! Because they wouldn't like it if they were ill, so why do it to animals then?closing quote
Ella, 10, Oxford

opening quoteWe went on holiday to France and it was great fun because we went swimming in a lake. The lake was very clean. So why can't seas and streams be like that?closing quote
Felicity, 9, Chichester

opening quoteThere should be more recycling bins available. Our area has none as far as I can see. There should maybe be a man or woman who patrols the beach everyday to dispose and pick up litter properly!closing quote
Linzi, 14, Monifieth

opening quoteIt really annoys me when I see people just dropping rubbish and littering. I think people should start showing our earth some respect. We should recycle and re-use everything we can and it's up to our local councils to supply the facilities, this way, there would be much less waste!closing quote
Beth, 15

opening quoteI think the government should do more to encourage recycling then less waste would end up in the seaclosing quote
Holly, 13, Hull

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