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  Best birthday parties - your stories
Updated 28 July 2004, 18.47
Kids' birthday parties are getting more expensive, according to a new survey.

We want to know about the best birthday party you've ever been to.

What made it so fun? Was it a great themed party? Did a DJ play some cool tunes?

Maybe you went out to a theme park?

Tell us your stories, even ones about the worst parties you've been to as well!

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteMy worst party was about a year ago. I planned a disco and invited the whole year but my dad insisted on inviting my grandparents round too and they shouted when they caught me dancing with my boyfriend!closing quote
Lily, 15, Essex

opening quoteI don't have to go out for my birthday parties because we have a swimming pool in our back garden and my dad does a BBQ, it's wicked!closing quote
Emlyna, 11, France

opening quoteI had a huge party in a theme park - there were quite a lot of my friends there and we had so much fun going on the rides.closing quote
Sarah, 12, London

opening quoteI once went to pleasure wood hills (near Lowestoft I think?) for my 11th birthday and for my 12th I went go-carting, it was really cool!closing quote
Harriet, 13, Suffolk

opening quoteMy 13th was the best 'cause I had a barbecue and hired a bouncy castle at my house and me and loads of my mates mucked about and it made it even more fun when it rained and we got soaked in my garden! Some people didn't find it as funny as others though!closing quote
Charlotte, 13, Epsom

opening quoteAbout two weeks ago my friend had a really good sleepover party, where we made a video about a gymnastics competition. It was brilliant and the eight of us are all getting copies!closing quote
Orla, 10, London

opening quoteDefinitely my 10th b-day I was in America in Florida. I went to Disneyland then swam with the dolphins - it was well good I wish I could repeat it again!closing quote
Roxy, 13, Southend on Sea

opening quoteMy best party was my mates as she was blowing out her candles on her cake, and after her mum had removed the candles she was looking at her cake really closely and we smacked her face into it! She didn't mind though. It was really funny.closing quote
Martha, 12, Somerset

opening quoteI had a really groovy party with my best bud! As her birthday is 6 days after mine we had a joint party. It was really fun 'cause about 30 people came. I recently went to my friends party and he had a trampoline, two bouncy castles and an inflatable slide. We played loads of games on the slide and I really enjoyed it! closing quote
Lou, 11, Milton Keynes

opening quoteOne party we had we watched a movie, roasted marshmallows, and then slept outside in a was great but nobody could really sleep. :)closing quote
Ami, 12, Canada

opening quoteI went to a really good party 3 weeks ago! It was my friend's disco and it had a proper DJ and dance floor it was so cool!closing quote
Pauline, 15, Scotland

opening quoteI had a party at the town castle and it was amazing, you'd think it was boring but it was really fun. We dressed up and chased around and it was great.closing quote
Harriet, 11, Stafford

opening quoteMy friend took me and 3 others to Disneyland Paris for the day! And the year before we went to Cadbury World! But it doesn't matter what you do as long as you have a good time.closing quote
Ruth, 14, Suffolk

opening quoteThe best party I've been to was when my friend's mum hired a limo, and we went back to my mates house and we just watched films, went in her spa and had loadsa fun!closing quote
Claire, 14, Derbyshire

opening quoteWhen me and my friends were younger we always wanted a big party with loads of people. Now I don't feel hyped up about my birthday, usually I invite 5 max of my closest friends and we go to the cinema or bowling and to dinner.closing quote
Alexandra, 14, Madrid

opening quoteMy best birthday party was a surprise. It was my 13th birthday and my friends randomly walked right up to my door with me. It was only then that I noticed the balloon. It was great we played loads of games and had a cool time!closing quote
Marie, 15, Cheltenham

opening quoteFor my birthday me and four friends went to a place called Llangrannog for 4 days and we did loads of really cool stuff like quad biking and went to the beach.closing quote
Branwen, 13, Cardiff

opening quoteThe best birthday I've ever had was my 6th birthday when my mum decided to invite everybody from my school. We had one-legged races, treasure hunts, and all kinds of games. Now my birthdays are never fun though. I think the fun goes more and more the older I get.closing quote
Maisy, 14, Southampton

opening quoteOn my sister's birthday my mum told me to check on my sister's cake which was in the oven. I walked in, looked in the oven window and there was nothing there. My mom shouted at me for telling ''lies'' - she went and looked and the cake EXPLODED!!!!closing quote
Lee, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteI had the best birthday party ever because I got a disco and a sleepover. And everybody enjoyed themselves dancing and playing games. There was no problem at the party!closing quote
Emma, 9, Whatlington

opening quoteThe best b-day party I went to was my mate's party it was well good! We went in a limo and went to the bowling ally in Sheffield, then we all went to a fancy restaurant!!! There was NO BOYS ALLOWED so that was good. It was just girls only! And we also had a massive sleepover!!closing quote
Megan, 13, Sheffield

opening quoteOn my 12th birthday me and my mates went up to London. We went on the London Eye and then went shopping in Covent Garden!closing quote
Lucy, 14, Bognor Regis

opening quoteI had a really cool party once - I went to the pantomime to see Cinderella and after that I had a sleepover with two of my mates, it was great!closing quote
Sarah, 11, Colchester

opening quoteLast birthday I had a wicked sleepover party. We did double dare and basketball and loadsa stuff. We stayed up till midnight then had a midnight feast (I was actually sick on my first blue ribbon) but it was still heaps of fun.closing quote
Casey, 10, Kirkby

opening quoteFor my 13th me and 2 of my friends went to a local gig. We got sweaty, soaked with water and completely did our legs in - it was awesome!closing quote
Hannah, 13, Leicester

opening quoteThe best party I went to was a friend's birthday, where her mum hired us a limo, which drove us to Plymouth, and then drove around there for over 40 minutes, and finally we got dropped off at a really expensive Chinese restaurant!closing quote
Kayleigh, 14, Ivybridge

opening quoteI had my 13th party at my house and had a big party with about 30 people. We had games, music, everything! Then at the end of the day I had 4 people to sleep over. It was brilliant!closing quote
Lily, 13, Kent

opening quoteMy friend had a disco with a DJ for her birthday. It was well cool and most of the year were invited- nearly 200 people!closing quote
Sarah, 15, Birmingham

opening quoteWhen I was little I went to a friend's birthday party and we went tobogganing! It was well fun! Trampolining party's are wicked too!closing quote
Louise, 14, Woking

opening quoteMy best ever party was for my 11th birthday. We went to Laser Quest, and we had two rounds. It was so much fun!closing quote
Katie, 12, Canada

opening quoteI went to my friend's party once it was really cool, we went swimming, and there was a bouncy castle back at her house so we went on that. And later we had a disco, watched the haunted mansion. And then there was a sleepover and we ate the rest of the food from the disco!!!!closing quote
Emma, 10, Bicester

opening quoteI went to a party and me and my friend had a pink icing fight!closing quote
Steph, 9, St Albans

opening quoteMy friend had an amazing party. We went to a teenage club (sells no alcohol) and we went in a limo and drove around town for a bit waving like a queen :P it was fun.closing quote
Amy, 14, Nottinghamshire

opening quoteI went to a really cool friend's party last month - we went go-karting! It was loads of fun!closing quote
Tom, 13, Essex

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