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  One hour of TV - what would you watch?
Updated 19 July 2004, 17.13
Watching TV
Scientists have warned that children should watch no more than an hour of TV a day to protect their health.

We want to know what you'd watch if you only had an hour with the box.

Would you watch your fave programmes all the time?

Maybe you'd only watch the news so you could keep in touch with what's going on in the world?

Or do you think one hour just isn't enough to cram in your fave shows?

Let us know what you'd watch.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteIt's ridiculous there are so many good things on TV that last longer than an hour and if we could only watch and hour we would miss a lot of good programmes and plus what if you wanted to watch films? Scientists should think of things that are more practical, and plus who says they're always right.closing quote
Margaret, 13, Belfast

opening quoteThere's too much hysteria about people being fat and unhealthy and technology supposedly ruining our lives. I struggle to see what is so harmful, watching the television even for two hours a day. Watching TV on its own does not make you fat! I don't know what I'd do...1 hour - that's pushing it!closing quote
Rupinder, 13, Reading

opening quoteHow are you supposed to watch a film?closing quote
David, 12, Cardiff

opening quoteThe Simpsons all the way!closing quote
Claire, 15, Cannock

opening quoteFor some, 1 hour is WAY too little, but for me it's a bit much. I have more interesting things to do like reading, playing my music, playing sport and so many other things. If I watch any TV It'll be big brother-and Newsround, of course!closing quote
Caitlin, 11, Edinburgh

opening quoteI feel that watching too much TV all at once is bad for your health but not if you watch it in little bits like I do and there is a balance between the factual things like the news and the fictional things like the Simpsonsclosing quote
Antonia, 11, Sevenoaks

opening quoteMost of the programmes I like are 30 minutes long. I'd pick my favourite two and watch them both. I'd then watch two different shows the next day and so on. May be they could extend it to two hours as one hour is ridiculous. It would have to be more if you want to watch a film!closing quote
Rebecca, 10, Milton Keynes

opening quoteI'm no telefanatic but I think that if I only got to watch 1 hour a day I'd probably watch The Sleepover Club and Tracy Beaker then be happy to meet my mates or curl up with a book.closing quote
Casey, 10, Kirkby

opening quoteAn hour! I can't believe it! I'd watch things that are funny to cheer me up!closing quote
Dalinder, 12, Wolverhampton

opening quoteI'd watch a different show each day. Each week would have to include: Friends, Newlyweds, Will & Grace, The Simpsons, CD:UK, Neighbours and part of a film that I could finish the next week!closing quote
Julia, 14, Belfast

opening quoteI only need 5 -10 minutes a day and that is to watch Newsround of course!closing quote
Sam, 12, London

opening quoteI think I'd rather curl up and die than only watch 1 hour of telly a day. I watch about 7-8 hours and I'm perfectly healthy.closing quote
Rosie, 14, Didcot

opening quoteAN HOUR!?!?!?! I'd have to say Buffy the Vampire Slayerclosing quote
James, 12, Hereford

opening quoteThere are a couple of programmes that I enjoy watching, but at this time of year I'd rather be out playing with my friends.closing quote
Suki, 14, Sevenoaks

opening quoteAn Hour?!?! That's rubbish! Oh well, my list would be:

Monday: The Simpsons
Tuesday: The Simpsons
Wednesday: The Simpsons
Thursday: The Simpsons
Friday: The Simpsons
Saturday: The Simpsons
Sunday: The Simpsons

Nice :)closing quote

Levo, 12, Nottingham

opening quoteI don't watch that much TV at all and if I do it is during he evening. I do agree with the scientists that if you watch too much TV that it is bad for your health, but it is at that own persons risk. If they want t get fat or be unhealthy then it is their decision to make!closing quote
Libby, 13, Exeter

opening quoteI'd watch about 2 programmes a day (for an hour) or record them if there were lots of good ones. Then on days with nothing interesting on, I could watch them. Sorted.closing quote
Ben, 13, Winchester

opening quoteEasties and Corrie when they're on- if there's any time left over, I'd watch something else, if there's nothing else, I'd save it for another day! closing quote
Louise, 13, Surrey

opening quoteif I had only one hour of TV a day I would watch documentaries and cartoons half and half but I think it would be hard.closing quote
Pamela, 15, Spain

opening quoteI wouldn't watch the news - just read the paper. I wouldn't watch music channels - just listen to the radio. I would try to avoid watching repeats, although it would be very hard. I don't think 1 hour a day is enough. What are you supposed to do if you get bored?closing quote
Kriti, 14, Essex

opening quoteI watch at least 2 hours of TV a night but I think that is because there is nothing to do where I live!closing quote
Laura, 14, Northern Ireland

opening quoteI think it's ok to watch TV as long as you get enough exercise as well!!closing quote
Vicky, 12, Norwich

opening quoteAn hour is not long enough TV!closing quote
Sophie, 11, Newbury

opening quoteHUH! You must be joking, I'd would not miss Dick and Dom In Da Bungalow for the world! Anyway, I don't ALWAYS watch TV.closing quote
Tom, 11, East Sussex

opening quoteAN HOUR?? I agree with Alex, though, record everything!! But I'd only record my favourite shows then get up in the middle of the night to watch them all. closing quote
Emily, 12, Wickford

opening quoteI don't watch too much TV but I think that one hour isn't enough. If I could only watch one hour of TV a day I would probably watch a children's programme like Balamory because I love it, the news headlines to see what's happening around the world, and of course I would have to see what's been happening in Big Brother! closing quote
Lisa, 15, Caerphilly

opening quoteI wouldn't- I'd rather read!!!!closing quote
Katie, 12, Canada

opening quoteI would watch The Simpsons for half an hour and then something to do with ghosts because I'm into things that can send shivers down my spine.closing quote
Ryan, 12, Coventry

opening quoteI'd record everything and then watch 15 mins each of Buffy, Friends, The Simpsons and EastEnders a day so I'd never miss anything! closing quote
Alex, 13, Belfast

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