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  Have you ever had a run-in with a jellyfish?!
Updated 13 July 2004, 11.08
 Lion's Mane jellyfish
The Marine Conservation Society want holidaymakers to report jellyfish sightings around Britain this summer.

They want to know how many of them there are and where they hang out most.

So, have YOU ever had a run-in with a jellyfish?

Perhaps you've been attacked - or stung/

And will you be doing your bit for the MCS while on your hols this summer?

Or will you be keeping your distance?!

Whatever your jellyfish story is, e-mail and let us know.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI see jellyfish all the time at the beach where my gran stays and I see people kick them and poke them. It is totally disgusting.closing quote
Gillian, 14, Scotland

opening quoteI'd freak out if I ever saw a jellyfish. I don't want to I've seen some in a zoo when I was tiny and I ran away crying!closing quote
Gina, 10, Bristol

opening quoteMe and my friends went on a boat and sailed through a swarm. Of course the boat capsized and there was a huge doctor bill after that!closing quote
Naomi, 14, Atlanta USA

opening quoteAt Easter my mum, dad and sister went to downhill beach for the day and when we got there one side of the beach was completely crammed with people so we went to the other side and then we found out why everyone was on the other side, because the whole side was covered with dead jellyfish. I never want to see another jellyfish as long as I live.closing quote
Jennifer, 12, Larne

opening quoteWe were watching the America's Cup and we decided to dive off the boat and go swimming. Suddenly I kicked something extra squish and began panicking. It was a jellyfish! Luckily I wasn't stung.closing quote
May-Lee, 14, New Zealand

opening quoteEvery year when we went to France when I was younger there were always huge dead jellyfishes lying on the beaches. My dad would prod one with his toe and it wobbled! Disgusting! closing quote
Emily, 12, Surrey

opening quoteI was stung by a jellyfish once when I went for a swim in Brighton! I came out of the sea and there were loads of stings on my feet. It didn't hurt as much has I thought it would though!closing quote
Sam, 11, Portslade

opening quoteOnce when I was about five, I dragged a jelly fish out of the water and began stamping and poking it! It was a wonder I never got stung!closing quote
Marlene, 12, Belfast

opening quoteI often go surfing and body boarding in north Devon and there are 100's of jellyfish on the beaches and in the water there, but they're not very big.closing quote
Alex, 14, Exeter

opening quoteI like jellyfish 'cos they have never harmed me or anyone I know.closing quote
Matthew, 11, Slough

opening quoteI see lots of jellyfish. Only the tentacles sting you - I pick them up by their body, the little pink or blue ones don't sting you. I saw one like a cauliflower and one that was an Atlantic jellyfish which kills you if you get stung.closing quote
Kirsty, 9, Eastleigh

opening quoteWe were on holiday and there were millions of dead jellyfish... Me and my cousin didn't go in the sea after that!closing quote
Nicky, 12, Crawley

opening quoteYes I have been stung before - twice when I was 5 in Cornwall. The jellyfish was huge! I got stung under my arm. The other time when I was 8 in America it was a small one and I got stung on my hand, but I'm not afraid of them!closing quote
Jodie, 12, Hertfordshire

opening quoteWhen I go to Wales on holiday I find dead jellyfishes on the beach all the time. Sometimes people poke them with sticks. It's grossclosing quote
Rhian, 11, Maidenhead

opening quoteYES!! They were all over the beach in Spain! My dad and sister were throwing them at me! eww!closing quote
Megan, 14, Huddersfield

opening quoteOnce in Devon I was running along the beach when my sister fell on something slippery, it turned out it was a HUGE dead jelly fish, about as big as my head and a half! But in the end my sister didn't get injured, so the jellyfish saved the day.closing quote
Charlotte, 12, London

opening quoteI went to a beach in Blackpool once and was playing catch with my sister, I slipped on a jellyfish bare-footed! It was really disgusting!closing quote
Layla, 12, West London

opening quoteMy step mum went canoeing through a swarm of jellyfish. Of course, she fell out.closing quote
Alex, 14, Epsom

opening quoteWhen I was little my mum and dad and me went to a beach bar on our way to the hotel. At one side of the beach it was covered in dead jellyfish. Fortunately we were on the other side of the beach so it didn't effect us. I don't wish to ever see a live jellyfish though!closing quote
Casey, 10, Kirkby

opening quoteWe used to have loads of dead jellyfish on the beach when we went on holiday. People used to kick them and throw them around... it was horrible!!! I get stung a lot when I go swimming in the sea. It happens without you even knowing it!!! You come out from the sea with all these stings all over your feet!!! Luckily they aren't harmful, they just hurt a lot!!!closing quote
Louise, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteI see them all over the beach near my gran's. The whole beach is littered by the jellyfish.closing quote
Maria, 9, Liverpool

opening quoteNo but I got stung by a weaver fish once it was horrible! My leg was numb with pain for about two hours!!!closing quote
Lucy, 13, Hampshire

opening quoteWhen I was young my dad took me to the beach to see some rare jellyfish which had migrated there or something, I can't remember that well. There were hundreds of them, they were pink and they were huge!closing quote
Anna, 10, Ayrshire

opening quoteNo and I wouldn't want to but I find them fascinating! Did you know that jellyfish are 70% water - and they can still be a serious threat to our health!closing quote
Olivia, 13, Wales

opening quoteYeah. I've seen loads on the beaches in France. I never touched them but it's sad that they get washed up.closing quote
Elanor, 14, Loughborough

opening quoteI see jellyfish all the time and my father can actually pick them up! It's amazing, though I wouldn't try it myself.closing quote
Melissa, 14, Tunisia

opening quoteI never had a run in with a jellyfish, but I did see one before... what do I do if a get stung by one?closing quote
John, 14, Derry

opening quoteLuckily I haven't but if I did I would scream!closing quote
Sophie, 13, Newbury

opening quoteI've never been stung by a jellyfish, but I know several people who have. And once when we were on holiday my brother found a dead jellyfish in the sea. I thought "only one, and it's dead" so went in the sea. But then I saw that there were loads of dead jellyfish! I refused to go in the water afterwards!closing quote
Kate, 13, Aylesbury

opening quoteLast year I went to Menorca and I saw about 50 big jellyfish! I kept my distance!closing quote
Charlotte, 12, York

opening quoteNo, but I almost picked one up, thinking it was a rock! That was in Ireland...closing quote
Hannah, 10, Bristol

opening quoteIn Spain me and my sis where swimming and she swam into one, if it wasn't for her mask she would of been blinded, she was ok though.closing quote
Mali, 12, Hurstpierpoin

opening quoteMy friend got rather worried when we were on holiday in Ireland and my family introduced her to the joys of jellyfish fights... the non stinging ones that wash up on the shore make excellent missiles to throw at each other! Although, yeah.. it is pretty disgusting.closing quote
Clare, 15, Stroud

opening quoteWhen I was in Thailand I went snorkelling, and saw the BlueBoxar Jellyfish! It's really dangerous.closing quote
Tom, 13, Epsom

opening quoteMe and my best mate were in Bournemouth on the beach in the evening for a walk... and we were running through the sea when I nearly ran into a HUGE dead giant jellyfish.. it was definitely dead but we screamed so loudly that the local volleyballers were giving us strange looks! Embarrassing when we look back at it now, but at the time it was such a shock!closing quote
Hannah, 14, Denham

opening quoteOnce when we were camping we found a big one stranded on the beach! It was HUGE, about the size of a chair seat! My mum and dad used some sticks to put it back in the water. It was actually quite pretty!closing quote
Katie, 12, Canada

opening quoteOn holiday we saw them in the sea and there were loads of people who would pick them up and throw them.closing quote
Rosemary, 11, London

opening quoteI was stung by a lil' jellyfish in the sea. My arm went purple it hurt for a while but I got better!closing quote
Danni, 12, Sussex

opening quoteI remember once when I was holiday when I was little and there was a dead jellyfish on the beach it was really really long!closing quote
Nicola, 15, Weybridge

opening quoteWe used to see dead ones on the beach in Wales. Some of the boys used to kick them about like footballs. It was disgusting!closing quote
Charlotte, 14, Liverpool

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